Don’t give up just yet!

“…and the pain this time was unexplainable, he wouldn’t even writhe in pain anymore. He just lay on his back and the tears just kept rolling down his eyes. He was in so much pain, sleep ran away from him. One time, he looked at me and asked with the the low teary voice,

” will this pain ever go away?”

“It will… It will… Just hold on tight. I promise it will. Just continue to drink water”

But then, did I even believe myself?

He was having crisis as a sickle celled. It comes with pains in various parts of the body. I looked down at him, then the tired look written all over my mother’s face, and my then my father just seemed lost in thought.

Oh well, memories began to flood my mind. Memories that put my mind at rest. All those nights I’d wake up and hear sobs from my parent’s room. I’d go check what’s up only to see him in my mother’s arms wriggling in great discomfort and my dad massaging the area paining him. I’d join them and help to massage but most times, mom would try to put me at ease and tell me to go back to sleep and tell me everything was okay. Even if I went back to my room, sleep wouldn’t come. So why not stay and help in whatever way. I’d insist that I wanted to help and that’s how everyone will be denied sleep all for him.

Other days, he’d be rushed to the hospital from school and my mom would be called from work.

Again, waking up to ease myself could mean I’d see him crying in his pains. Usually, I’d ask him why he didn’t just go and report to mom, He’d reply and tell me he doesn’t want to disturb them. Sometimes, I’ll give him painkillers and if the pain did not subside, I’d carry him to my mom’s room. I remember one time I had to rush off in the rain to his nurse’s house to call her after all attempts to reach her proved futile.

One time, the pain was so much, we had to rush to the hospital. My dad drove like a mad man!

All the hospital bills, the stress and all… Sigh*

We survived all of them, didn’t we?… At the end of the day, he always recovered and got back stronger and what joy it was to see him do so.

That put my doubts to rest and I knew this one wouldn’t be so different. He was gonna recover and return the happy child he is and always meant to be, no matter what.

“Yes, you’ll be fine bro, I promise” I said with a reassuring smile.

…and through those tears, he cracked a smile and I knew he was gonna fight and never let despair get the better of him”

That was my friend narrating his ordeal as we did our laundry.

Hey, this post is not to get sympathy. Its too inspire us all, everyone! to put sickle celled patients in our prayers. They need it. They didn’t ask for those pains but they have it anyway. If you haven’t done so today, go down on your kneels right now and pray for them.

And if you’re a patient, never stop fighting. Get close to God, He’ll never let you down. Pray for yourself. Never let despair get the better of you. Eat good food and drink lots of water. Never give up! A lot of people live long with it and have found ways to deal with it. Yours won’t be different. I promise.

Do have a great day!


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