There’s a commandment in Exodus.. Honor your parents so your days may be long on earth. Did we all think God was joking?

What does it mean to honor? To respect, to obey bearing in mind that they wish us the very best.

Teenagers like to be rebels but we need to learn how to listen sometimes.

Everyone needs to listen. Inability to listen and take instructions has cost a lot of people their lives.
I will share with you the story of a friend X.

She was told early in the morning not to go out because she had asked for permission from her mum earlier but it was a no. She was warned to stay indoors and look after her younger brother while her mum stepped out for work.

X took the opportunity of being alone to still go to wherever she wanted to go leaving her little brother alone.

But obedience is better than sacrifice. Always obey. She went missing. For 48 good hours, the poor mother was looking for her daughter round and round.

When our parents say something, please and please, think properly before making a decision. They know better.
But to the glory of God, she returned home. All because of God’s mercy and grace.
What would have happened if she stayed home just that day, I wondered.

Let’s learn to listen

It costs less than not listening.

Not just to our parents now

But to everyone

Evaluate the situation

Stop being strong headed about everything

Everything doesn’t require rebellion .

Let these little words sink in and make a difference

God bless.

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