Tasha Cobbs: Break Every Chain. 

1. There is power in the name of Jesus to break every chain. How true is this statement? How many of us believe it?

At the mention of Jesus’ name every knee bows and every tongue confesses because Jesus Christ is Lord.

We need to rely solely in the power of His name. Every body has one thing or the other weighing them down, making them sad but in this new month , I want to tell you where you can find a long lasting solution to break every chain and uproot anything as Tasha Cobbs rightly said.  Call on the name of Jesus with faith in any situation you find yourself in. He is ever ready to prove Himself to you. He is ever ready to be the friend you need. He is ever ready to bring you out of whatever maze you are in.

Let’s take a minute to adore Him. He deserves all honour and glory and majesty forever and ever.

Secondly, there is power in the name of Jesus? Established!
Do we also know there is power in our tongue. You have the ability to speak good or speak evil and because the power your tongue carries, you can either sow good or bad. Dear readers, let us watch what we say in a fit of rage or whatsoever.

We don’t want to be the reason for something negative. Henceforth, let’s speak good things, let’s speak life into other people. Let’s uplift people and boost them to reach their maximum potential. Never should you use your mouth to proclaim evil.

Lastly lastly, Tasha Cobbs?  She has an awesome voice and is able to minister and pass across a message with her songs.. Her songs are capable of making a massive change..
I’ll end with this. What gift has God given you and how are you using it?

Happy new month
Have a Blessed Sunday and a blissful week ahead.


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