Christian tips!! 

Happy Sunday blessed people. It’s February. The 11th day. All glory to God.

There is something that is inevitable in our walk as Christians and that is FAITH.

We must have heard a lot about faith. Some that seem contrasting, some that seem just ridiculous but it doesn’t rule out the place of faith. Faith is key. You need it to key in to some blessings.

I will share with you 8 solid points on faith.

1.Faith is something (as Christians) we should possess.  It’s an important ingredient in our Christian lives.

2. Faith and works are interwoven. You can’t be praying for an A and believing that God will help you if you are not reading..

You need to be working for an A as well as having the faith that matches up to having the A..

They work hand in hand.

3. Doubt is like a faith inhibitory substance..

Before you pray, doubt your doubt

Don’t doubt and don’t despair
For the fact that you haven’t gotten an answer to your prayers doesn’t mean the answer is not there or the answer is not coming. Just hold on

4. Pride and faith don’t work together.

Humility was one of the things our Lord Jesus Christ demonstrated to us..

5.  Faith doesn’t deny fact.

If I am sick,  then I am sick.

I have to go to the clinic, get treatment because God put them there for a reason…

This doesn’t mean I don’t believe God will heal me because he is the only healer…

We should own up to our weakness in front of God and let him take control..

When peoole say *let the weak say I’m strong* ,it simply means believe it
But it doesn’t deny the fact that at that given point in time, one is sick.
6. It can take your faith some time to work but the more you use it,  the faster it works.

You can use your faith in any situation..

There’s no light and you pray with faith at 8am and the light comes the next day by 8am…

It took your faith 24hours to work

The more you exercise the power you have, the time delay shortens ..

7.  Use your faith to believe and to receive.

The Holy spirit will show you what to ask for and what not to ask for at that point in time…

And claim it already! Believe it’s answered
8.  Approach God with faith and trust to have the disposition to receive His graces  .

In the face of trials nd tribulations, stay strong.
Keep the faith growing.

May God help us in our Heavenly race. Stay blessed!


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