When a child is given birth to , the first two things people want to know is the sex of the child and whether the child cried or not. The latter is funny but it is really a big matter if a child is born and he/she refuses to cry – they will have to force those tears out.
As the child grows, it is expedient that he/she begins to crawl and as days turn to week that he/she begins to take the bold step to walk. Try to imagine how worrisome it will be if all these don’t happen. Well, think no further! This was actually the fate of a man that was born lame from birth till he had an encounter.

This man’s growth was not fashioned the normal way. I’m not sure he ever saw the four walls of a school, not to talk of entering it. He was bedridden and it was not long before he started begging for alms from people.

This continued for years and his ‘working’ experience amounted to double figures. His office was right in front of the gate of a temple called Beautiful – how ironic!

He was ‘going’ about his usual business when two men came in contact with him and they both gazed intently at him. He was quick to enter into his business mode and immediately he asked them for money, expecting to receive something tangible but it was not the case.

Usually , the good-news-bad-news theorem states that you cast the good news before the bad news provided that suspense remains constant. This two men reversed the rule and gave him a bad news first – that they had no money to give to him. This sent a cold chill down his spine. The disappointment on his face was crystal clear and as he was trying to digest what he had just heard, the good news came – that they had something to give him and that in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, he should rise up and walk.

He did struggle to walk, he had to leap then walk. He was so happy that he was praising God and obviously dancing. How he learnt all these in a fraction of a second beats my understanding and I’m sure it beats yours too. People were happy for him and amazed too.

For some of us,  our lameness is in our academics , for some it is decision-making, for some it is addiction , for some it is love for the things of the world and for some it is a combination of two or more of all these. Whatever that lameness might be, it has the tendency to straighten up when the name of Jesus is involved in it. As you try to camouflage your lameness by associating with things that are beautiful to the eyes, also try to be on the look out for the Peters and Johns that will walk by you and give you a bad news and a good news that will change your destiny.

I hope that someone will read this and see the power that the name of Jesus carries. I hope that this will be a good news to the bad news you’ve heard.

Jesus loves you, love him too.


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