Hey everyone.

So it’s been a while. Busy, school work and all..

Anyway, just last week, I wrote on my WhatsApp status, “Ronaldo is overrated”. Yeah, yeah. You’re probably asking yourself if I am out of my mind. How can one say such? It was same from my contacts on WhatsApp. They came for my head that night. Some took the issue personally like Ronaldo was their brother. Some resorted to insulting me. Others just started sending me stats and facts. Some even felt I was stupid and others claimed that I don’t watch football. Everyone else just seemed to disagree with me especially the Madrid fans. Blegh. Who cares?

Just as people stood for Ronaldo, someone most of them would never meet and have never met, can people confidently stand for you when something that is not true is said about you?

Will they take your matter like its their brother’s?

Can they be able to present facts that will prove that what is being said is false?

My point is, like Ronaldo, strife to be so good so much that your goodness is well known and people can stand up for you anywhere and say confidently that you’re a good person, in your presence or absence.

P.s: I really feel he’s overrated. 😂.. Its my opinion.


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