It’s simple, don’t complicate it…

Hello people. School has been hectic, but we pushing through!

So, yesterday, I was held down by a heavy downpour. I couldn’t leave where I was and I couldn’t go to my hostel.  I had to wait for the rain to become light. Little did I know that my books were getting soaked by the water. When I saw them, I didn’t know what to do. Honestly, I just wanted to cry because it had been a long day and that was the last thing I needed. The notes that were affected are way important.

Before I could cry or transfer aggression to the person that was telling me sorry lol, I just said to myself ‘God, thank you. It could have been worse.’ I quietly lay it on the table to dry and walked to my room in silence. Normally, in situations like these (my books ahhh), I wouldn’t want to be around anybody because everything will be simply pissing. I wouldn’t want anyone to talk to me, i would just want to be alone. When I got to my room, someone was waiting to see me and I was like ‘crap’. I didn’t want to talk or do anything but to my surprise I found myself talking and laughing. I didn’t even squeeze my face or try to stay in a bad mood. Oh I tell  you the devil tried to keep me in a mood but the Lord wouldn’t just have it. That was because I let him take control , I didn’t act on impulse. I let him send His peace.

I have been wondering. If it’s this easy to be at peace, to be happy at all times, why do we get ourselves worked up by trivialities? Always remember that it could have been worse but it’s not! And that is more than enough in itself. When the devil is trying to frustrate us, let us breathe in and thank God. At that moment, you have willed yourself to him and the peace of the Lord is the sweetest there is.

I am so happy by the people I am surrounded with. The other day my friend woke very late for class and I was like ‘ahn ahn why this late?’ and she told me ‘I can’t even stress myself. I thank God for waking me by that time, I know he will see to it that I finish in time to meet the class.’ That is simply beautiful, trust me and yes she was in time for class. We even left some people that were up before her.

Point is, lets try to reduce how we get frustrated. Life is simple, don’t complicate it.


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