Lessons learnt from the UCL. 

1. Do your job early enough and do it well, so that no one would question you when you want to have fun.
A  fortnight ago, the Estadio Dragao was silenced abruptly by the blistering attacking trio of Liverpool, spearheaded by Sadio Mane .The FC Porto players didn’t know what hit them. It was a heavy defeat handed over to them by Liverpool-gigantic L to say the least. It 5-nil! 5 away goals! It was very clear that Liverpool had qualified.

The second leg was played some days ago at Anfield stadium-Liverpool’s stadium. They were able to get a scoreless draw. The job was already done in the first leg and so they ended up progressing to the next round.

2.Never give up on yourself, you have it in you!

Have you ever being hammered, battered and outclassed in what you do best by someone you were afraid of such that everyone just agreed that you were not really as good as what you claimed to be and maybe you have already agreed with them. Well, you are about to have a rethink!

FC basel were beaten and battered at home by Manchester city. It was a disaster. You could see some of the fans weeping and how some were heartbroken. The quality of football was poor from the Basel’s side and no one could disagree that they deserved to lose 4-nil.

Going back to play the second leg at Manchester city stadium- The Etihad stadium- where Man city had not lost or drawn in as many as 26 matches this season-was thought to be even more nightmare for Basel. Everyone said they will concede more than 4 goals again but the Basel players were not going to have any of it.

Man city scored first to make the aggregate 5-nil. How devastating could that be to the quest of redemption by the Basel players? Well, hold your thoughts! The Basel players gave the best performance of their lives and scored two breathtaking goals to win the match. They did it! They became the first team to pick up a win at the Etihad stadium. They had it in them, you have it in you!

GB writes.

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