Happy Sunday all!

Okay, so i learnt something worth sharing today. GIVING GENEROUSLY.

How many of us love stingy people? I don’t think anyone would like a stingy person because it gets pissing lol. But we all love generous people, people that love to give without thinking twice. People that will give even when they have nothing left. People that give with a smile on their face. Some people are even generous to a fault!

A statement was made that really made sense to me Christian giving is a loving response to Christ’s death for us. Nonetheless, the call to giving is for everybody. Giving has love woven into it. You cant give to somebody if you don’t love the person (especially when the item is really precious). Trust me, giving is very difficult or could be very difficult. And we need to remember that nothing, nothing at all is for free. Even salvation came at a price.

Lets leave mankind. We find it difficult to even give to God. For someone who gave his life for us on a cross. He left his throne, came down to earth to be beaten, stripped and spat upon by his own! It was difficult but he did it and God sent him because he loved us. Now, for a man like Jesus, nothing should be too much to give him. He has given it all. We find it difficult to even give him 5 minutes of our time. It doesn’t need to be money. it could be time, attention, praise, worship.

Back to man. We don’t receive by clenching our fists. We need to let go to receive the bigger thing. To see the bigger picture.

When we give, we receive. To give is to love. We don’t reason as God does. Sometimes His instructions seem foolish to us but we don’t know what He has in store for us. He just wants us to let go.

Giving should be willing because God is concerned with the heart.

Blessed is the man that gives!! GO AND GIVE!!



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