Be Your Inspiration. 

In the present day and time, people have become so fond of looking for inspiration everywhere. They are always looking for that fire to ignite them to do more, to want more. They are looking for that person whose story would be so compelling to push them to move forward. They are waiting for seminars and the like to go listen to motivational speakers do their magic so they can find inspiration there. I tell you today that you can be your own inspiration.

This might sound a bit foreign to people who have left the inspiration for others to do for them, they tap into it and then reignite their fire or whatever and in most cases the fire remains quenched. As good as it is to want to be motivated; the greatest motivation comes from within.

How do you expect to be motivated by another individual when you haven’t even motivated yourself? The greatest will power to do anything comes from within. The greatest motivation and inspiration a man can get, comes from within.

There is something in you that you might not see but it is there. Stop making it dormant. Pull it out. Pull out the best image of yourself possible and watch yourself turn into your own inspiration. Watch yourself be your own propellant. Watch yourself become your competition. Once you have started the work, which accounts for a greater percentage of everything , you can then look for people who inspire you. Look up to them.

We need to stop the running around. The inspiration we so desperately desire to be at our best is ourselves.

Be your own inspiration, be your fire!


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