Hey everyone!

I know its been a really long time, right? Honestly this past year of my life has been one crazy ride. It’s my first year in medical school so I have learnt a lot. I’ll be sharing one of the hard lessons I learnt over my first year in medical school.

As humans, I believe God in his greatness created each and everyone of us very differently. So what some others might be able to do very well, others might find very difficult.

For me, I have come to realize my own strengths and weaknesses and it has helped me to stop comparing myself with others.

So I have this friend, we read together. If we spend 4 hours at the library, I can guarantee that he’ll spend nothing less than 3 hours sleeping. But that one hour he spends reading, he’ll cover all what I covered in 4 hours and maybe even more. On the flipside, I noticed that I am a very slow reader, and it takes relatively more time for things to stick. Once I was able to realize this, I stopped getting angry at the fact that he always seemed to cover more than me. It was hard for me, but I accepted the fact that I was a slow reader. I realized that to balance things up, I had to spend longer time reading than him.

What I’m trying to say is, stop comparing yourself with others. Be patient, study yourself, know your strengths and weaknesses and know how you can make your strength make you a better person.

Have a wonderful week people!



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