This 5 letter word should be talked about more often though. This is one topic that has been pressing upon my mind for a while now. I just feel the need to write on it because I don’t think people are smiling again o. People are frowning now and it is not even nice. People think frowning is the new cool. They think it would make them look handsome or beautiful and probably leave that hot, appealing look but naa it doesn’t. Let’s be truthful, it doesn’t.
The common thing we hear is about the facial muscles, that in frowning you are tensing up a lot of facial muscle but in smiling you are relaxing them. If you are to ask me, I will pick relaxing anytime! I am not saying to be smiling like that is all to do or to smile and smile and people take you for granted. Everything should be done in moderation na. Smile more often. Stop forming big boy and big girl and smile.

Some group of people though, have a lot of things bothering them and they just find themselves frowning and thinking. They are always in one deep thought and always have this look on their face. I ask whyyyy? Everybody has things bothering them, some nearly not as serious as the person jn front but nothing has the right to steal your joy. We are children of light. No matter what form the world decides to present these troubles, smile through them. Be happy. Honestly speaking, nothing at all should steal our smile from us or our happiness. A child of God has no reason to be sad because we have someone to share this burden with. JESUS CHRIST.

Asides the facts that we should be happy and smile for ourselves, some people actually need to see that smile of yours to make them smile. Your smile, that your one smile can make a passerby feel much better about the day ahead.

Do this today and feel much better. It would feel like some burdens have been lifted. Trust me, I have tried it and it works.

Smile! We really need to smile. ☺

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