Your life’s in your hands!!!

A young man wanted to test an old wise man. He took a bird and said to himself, “I’d hold this bird and ask him if it is still alive, if he says no, I’ll release it to fly away and then prove the man wrong; if he says yes, I’ll snap the poor bird’s neck and show the old man the lifeless bird proving him wrong. Either way, its a win win for me”

So, that evening, he set out for the old man’s house. As planned, he asked the old man in the bird was alive or not. The old man smiled and said,

“It’s in your hands”

Your life is in your own hands!!!
The sooner you realize that, the better for you. You need to take charge of it. You and only are responsible for whatever you turn out to be. The choices you make today will either make or mar you. A lot of youths today act as though they have multiple lives or that they’re living out someone else’s life.

That’s wrong!

Its your life and no one else’s!!! It’s the only life you get to live. Why not make it count? Make the right choices today, do the right things, move with the right people, eat good food and live your life like you own it. Would you build a house and pull it down immediately after?

Of course not


Because its your house!

Your life is in your hands. Take charge of it today.
Have a wonderful week people.


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