Today, after I finished washing some clothes, I decided to go hang them while leaving the tap open. I expected the bucket to be reaching almost it’s full capacity but the water had already started pouring out by the time I returned. All I could think of was the fact that some people would do anything to have the water.

Sometimes, I would open water and forget to finish it and by the time I remember it, I would judge it unable to be consumed anymore and throw it away but some people are dying of thirst.

If we want to be real, this wasting should stop. People would do anything to have the wasted thing even if it is given to them anyhow. We have these things and we are so quick to waste them.

In doing things, let’s think of people that don’t have or people that have very little. This should help improve our attitude to things.

I decided this by myself today and decided to share it with everyone. Let’s do the right thing today. Don’t leave the tap running. Don’t prepare food you can’t finish and if you end up not being able to finish it, give it to that man on the street, to the children who have nothing but tears.

Please let’s be mindful of these minute facts, they go a long way.

Bless up guys!!


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