Success: Not an easy ride! 

Success has never been and will never be an easy ride. Some situations along the line will break you, some will totally derail you, some will make you depressed and some will surely make you.
The beautiful gold jewellery we put on isn’t found that way. Someone ,somewhere had taken the raw, ugly form of gold and turned it into what we see as beautiful. The gold becomes beautiful but it wasn’t always beautiful. It had to go through fire to become what it is and to become something adorned by all.

This illustration is same with some of us. We will have to go through fire to become successful in life and to ultimately achieve our purpose. We need to understand that success isn’t an easy ride and if we expect it to come easy at us, then we are deceiving ourselves.

We often look at the short term pains and hurts we face on this journey. Ladies and gentlemen, I urge you to always look at the long term benefits. It’s not an easy ride and it will not become an easy ride because you have decided to embark on a particular journey. But guess what? How you respond to the potholes and depressions on the road will determine if you will be successful or not.

I am currently on this journey of success, to get to the very top, to make massive positive impact on the world. I have failed severally in the  past. It wasn’t easy then and it’s not easy now. I will say it is harder now as a medical student but I have decided to ride on.

Nobody’s success story is going to be identical to yours, remember that. Mr A’s success story may appear easy to you but the amount of sacrifice and dedication he had to put in, you might not know. So stop comparing other people’s journey to yours. Every individual’s story is unique to them.

Make the decision today to always keep at it. Whenever it seems like you might fall off the train, just keep at what you are doing. Be persistent, persevere and most importantly pray! Only then can this journey of success look easier.

See you at the very top.


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