Listening to God 

Happy Sunday! How was the week for us all? Through the course of the week, we must have offered a prayer or two to the heavens. We might have prayed for something or wished it happen or something and then we are left with no response, lol. That is what it seems like. It seems like God doesn’t answer, maybe He has turned deaf ears to our plea. We think silly things like these.
God hasn’t, He will not, and He doesn’t keep his children silent. He is not man that He gives the silent treatment. He always answers. He doesn’t always say yes neither does he always say no but He always always always answers our prayers, our requests and even statements. Why? He is always listening! How does he feel to know you have someone that is always listening even when you are saying rubbish? To me, that’s superbly awesome!

Now, how do you think God feels when He talks to us and we don’t listen or when we pray and just close our ears? The most important part of prayer is listening to God because prayer is communication and not a one man affair. We often say God is wicked, he doesn’t listen to our heart cry or something like that. We say these things because we have failed on our side. We have failed to listen to him after talking to him. We have failed to truly hear him and understand. He doesn’t have to start talking to you directly before you hear God. He can use anybody or the Bible or anything (that is why He is God), that is why we need to be sensitive to him!

Let’s learn to listen to God in this week. He might not tell us yes and if he tells us no, we would know to be patient and wait for God’s time. Listen to God. Wait on Him. Let the peace of the Lord reign in your lives!

Bless up!!!!!


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