So today was carol and it was lit!!!!!!!!!!! But what made it lit? They were so many talented individuals that came together to make this superb. There was this guy and the way he hit the notes, it was like heaven on earth. It was like we shouldn’t leave. How do I describe it? Was it the music director, or the instrumentalists or the drama or the dance or the spoken words? Everything was just awesome and soul lifting. All to the glory of God.

What if these people had decided not to harness their God given gifts and just left things? Then I wouldn’t be writing now on how magnificent it was and how beautiful it was to be there. Don’t keep your gifts under lock and key. Let them out. Use them to bless other people. Use them to thank God. We have been given our talents, use them! No excuses, just harness them. You would be glad you did.

Let’s stop being spectators and get in the real deal. A thought.

Happy Sunday


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