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A couple of months down the line, malo friend zone mi was the song on the lips of majority of the Nigerian youths. On a rather humorous note, I presumed that Adekule Gold has been in a number of such relationships little wonder the piece was an excellent rendition – a juxtaposition of real life depictions and good music.
I remember writing a poem last year which I titled I wish I would be innocent again. In that piece, I attempted to create a scenario of how excellent it was living as a child – a life of neither worry nor anxiety – and how as we grew into adulthood, we suddenly realised we have lost our innocence – the ability to love genuinely, our forgiving spirit and so on. Plus the fact that we began to “like” girls or boys as the case may be.
Falling in love is perhaps one of the easiest things in this world (I know a number of people will disagree). The subject of love is very deep. That however is not the focus here.  I am no veteran on love and relationship matters so I will merely say a few things. I hope you’ll learn a lesson or two
Let me try to define what the “word” friend zone means. It is a rather form of complex relationship in which either of the boy or girl is in love and interested in the other person but these two people have by virtue of their relationship nullified the possibility of  such. Do you understand? I will attempt to further explain what I mean. A typical friend zone scenario is if let’s say we have some guy A and lady B who have been friends for some time, perhaps know each other’s parents, read ,play, gist and do a lot of things together. They could peradventure graduate to calling each other brother and sister. You will agree with me that if one of them begins to develop feelings for the other person, there is the likelihood for that feeling to be mistaken for an innocent display of affection. And tell me, what could be more painful?
This brings us back to our definition. In fact, you hear people say things like “we are too close for us to have feelings for each other.” The church is another place where you can see many examples. You often hear the guys say “she’s my sister in the Lord” and the ladies say “he’s my brother in the Lord.” All na friend zone. Many amazing friends who could have become amazing lovers have courtesy of friend zone, remained friends.
The way out of friend zone is to ensure that our relationships are well defined and that whatever our intentions are should be made clear. Never again should we allow our emotions to play tricks on us, we live in the age of IT so don’t be dull. Can I hear you shout no dulling!

Merry Christmas and wishing you a prosperous 2019 ahead.



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