Rise Up!

I hear some news and it just weighs on my heart. There have been too many stories of suicide surfacing the internet nowadays and I don’t even know what to think. Only yesterday, they said a 9 year old committed suicide. What reason could a 9 year old have for committing suicide? It was a case of bullying though and they said she entered depression and committed suicide. For real?!

I am not here to say depression doesn’t exist. There are some things genuinely that would press you down and it would feel like you shouldn’t be living anymore. You enter depression and then commit suicide. When you can’t even give life to one creature, who gave you the right to take yours? You have no right to take your life no matter what. It’s not yours! You can’t even give life to someone and you are taking life? It shouldn’t be so!

I am just here to encourage you. The life we live and the world we live in will send storms our way, storms that look that they can’t ever be calmed. Surely, we will be faced with such. It is not good enough to sit and bask in self pity, enter depression and then think up suicide as the way out.

I am not going to say I understand what it feels like to have been pushed to want to commit suicide. I won’t stay here and tell you it’s easy to come out of depression and these sinking thoughts. But it’s never impossible. Nothing is impossible, ever impossible with God. Yes, God. He is always there to pick us up, repackage us and send us back out. It is never his wish to see us sinking so deep into sadness. Rise up and look up to Him. He is never far away. He is always so close, so sweet. Just give Him the much deserved opportunity.

Then, talk to people. Talk to people that you think can help you out of whatever it is. Don’t be silent! Speak up and let them hear you. Don’t be silent about that thing that gives you heartache. Speak out and seek help.
Things become easier when the Master is involved. Nothing is ever too big for you to come out from. So rise up from the darkness and the pain.

So, make depression a thing of the past. Shut down the thought of suicide and rise up. Maybe, you would be able to tell your story to someone one day and it might just inspire that person. What inspiration does it give if it ends in suicide?

No more suicides.


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