So I was in Church earlier today supposedly absorbing the word of God but nooooooo I was so distractedπŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™€πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™€. I am a Catholic and I attend two Catholic churches. One in my estate for days of convenience and my actual family church. The one is my estate is literally a distraction trap for me. Every time I go there, it takes divine strength to concentrate…Lol! And that is where I went to today. So I decided to share my distractions with you all. Isn’t that wonderful?😁😁😁 Literally another story time😁😁😁

First on the list of my many distractions is dressing o! Oh my goodness! You need to see the array. There are the ones that forget that they are going to church and dress like they are going to a club. Quite frankly, they are club worthy clothes. I am like youdonmeanit! Why don’t you just come naked as you were born?πŸ™„ A lady sat in front of me yeah wearing this shape defining dress. Her back was on full display and the dress was so low cut that I started evaluating the science behind the possibility of wearing a bra with a dress like this. Few minutes after sitting down, she stood up and walla her whole bra, everything o was out on display. I was just observing the whole movement. I think as she stepped out, someone must have told her because when she came back, she had pushed everything back to the appropriate quarters. Then there are the people that wear the shortest dresses. Short is even an understatement. I am literally awestruck each time one of them passes. Like this is a church o! Aren’t we supposed to be modest even if it is a tiny bit? Like no one has to tell you what you are wearing is too short, you know it is my dear. In another corner, we have the ladies that wear the most transparent things with weird coloured underwear. At this juncture I am tempted to stop them and just ask why? Why? But no I love to mind my small business.πŸ˜‰πŸ˜ In a different zone, we have men that will wear fine blazer and be looking sweetπŸ˜‹ from afar till you see the length of the trouser. I am sorry did material finish in the market? I have never been able to understand this jumping trousers fashion. Please somebody, anybody, enlighten me on the purposeπŸ™πŸ½. I would appreciate the lesson…..lol. Oh! And let me not forget the ones that sag to church. You sag on the streets and inside church as well. Okay o! Wehdone!πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½

The second thing on my list is MAKEUP!!!! I have finally come to realise that some people have terrible family members that will let their mums, sisters and aunties leave the house looking like masquerades..lol! Ladies, you know it is not every colour that looks perfect on you or every style of make up, right? We actually need to look for what suits us best and not just put on some funny looking stuff because other people are doing it. You do not have to draw on your eyebrows if you do not know how to. It is okay not to be perfect. You can ask someone to teach you or watch tutorials on YouTube. But please let us stop with the scary makeup. Let us try to stick to things that complement our skins. We are all different with different face structures. Just because Nkechi can wear sharp pink lipstick does not mean Onyeka can slay with same.

Another branch of my distraction is the late comers. This is a very important area for me. Growing up, I have never understood why people come late for anything especially to church. Do you know the funny thing? They will come late and still be the ones to drag seat with you. What were they doing when you woke up early, came to church and sat on a pleasant seat of your choice?πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€” I do not take for granted the fact that emergencies do come up but there are certain perpetual late comers. There is no emergency or anything, they are just late. For me, it is kind of sad because you miss certain important aspects of the ceremony.

Then how many of you guys have noticed that mothers have a particular way of dancing? Every time it is time for women thanksgiving, I always have a good laugh mahn! There is just a way they all move and really have fun in that moment. It is sweet!😁😁

Oh and today was also the day all the characters in my head decided to have a meeting. They just seemed to be catching up. Every time I tried to concentrate, one new character came aliveπŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™€. What a trap?

My very personal distraction is the this hot hot guy in choir. Oh my goodness!! I do not have enough words to use to describe him. Where I sit gives me a pleasant view of the choir. Every time, I finally have a solemn moment, my guy will stand up to do something. You already know that the solemn moment is all over yo! Why he got to be that fine??? He is another trap!

At this point, you are possibly wondering what time I had to listen in church. Well I am an excellent multitasking machine. In the midst of my numerous distractions, I learnt something o! The readings and homily of the day was centred on trust in God for you are as good as cursed if you put your trust in your fellow man. Sooooooo I urge you all to always remember where your strength cometh from. It is not from earthly beings but from the Almighty God. You see I was not completely useless after all😁😁😁😁

I have put a few of my distractions up there and I honestly cannot remember the rest now. Let me know if you ever get distracted in church and by what😏 This should be fun.

Till the next post, Stay Blessed!!!!



  1. Lol nice one.. your distractions are not peculiar to your church alone. I’d say it’s just the same everywhere, but more evidenced in churches with more members.
    πŸ˜€ #justsaying

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