Join the queue.

So I am standing in the cafeteria, waiting for my turn on the queue to pick my food up. This means as you enter, you go to the back and join the queue. At least, thats how it should be. Queues are meant to be followed and you should wait your turn.

To some people, the people on the queue are very ‘stupid’ so they look for who they know on the line that is in the front and just enter the queue from there. And I am like, hellloooo!!! This thing drives me crazyyyyyy. Do not jump the queue. Join the queue and wait your turn for goodness sake. We formed a queue, we are not stupid but for orderliness sake. Then after forming the queue, some lousy individuals just walk in and penetrate themselves! I don’t know but it makes me so pissed off.

Everyone, including me, is guilty of this, done unconsciously or consciously. Decisions are personal. I have made the decision to go to the very back of the queue and wait my turn no matter how long the queue is. It is not stupidity and it’s not me proving anything to anybody but it is doing what is right while everybody does the wrong thing. So do the right things even when nobody is watching. Do the right thing even if it looks completely stupid.

Please follow rules as they are laid down. Don’t jump the queue. Wait for your turn! This applies to life as well. When it’s your turn, it’s your turn. No one can ‘bounce’ you. No one can dismiss you. You have waited and now it’s your turn. But don’t cheat people out of theirs to get yours because you would get cheated too. So wait, good things come to those who wait. Let us stop being in a hurry. It doesn’t yield much.

Wait your turn, don’t jump the queue. God bless you. 


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