This morning, I wasn’t even in the mood to do anything. I got up in those weird moods. I felt angry and I was just in a mood basically. So I was basically dragging my feet to do everything. I have to make my bed every morning. It is just something I have to do. Thank you mummyyy! Lol. Due to the mood, I looked at the bed, hissed and walked out. I wasn’t in the mood for no making bed. Then, the bed sheet would be pulling out at one end, I was in no mood. Lol. So, I just concluded to do it after church.

Fast forward to after mass, I was in a better mood obviously. I mean after going to meet with the Lord of Lords, you gats lighten up o. I walk into my room and my smile turns into a frown. I totally forgot about the bed. Now I’m standing in front of an undone bed and its annoying lol. I now regret that decision I made early in the morning and I still have to make the bed!
What’s the point? Don’t make decisions you know that you would regret later. I know I know. There are those days, days you won’t feel like doing nothing. Days you feel like just laying under your covers. Days you don’t feel like seeing no light. And that is perfectly fine. What is not fine is letting that define all the events of your day or letting that mood throw you totally off balance. Think about what you should be doing at that time, think of how much you would regret in the next few hours that you didn’t do what you were supposed to do.
Get up, thank God for the new day and move. Regret stings a lot. Some people would say it is easy to talk. It is easy to say get up and we don’t understand all the stress and blah. True! Very true! I can only talk, the decision is yours to make. Make sure to make the right decision of moving! Do what you have to do when you have to do it so you don’t walk in with a smile and end up with a frown. I mean you would still have to fix the mess. So anything that is within your control to do, just do. So, basically, don’t procrastinate. Just do it! Have a blessed week.

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