During lent, we read passages on the crucifixion and death of Our Lord Jesus Christ. The journey He took and the roles of different people in this journey and most times after reading these passages, we feel bad. We might even feel just a little bit of the pain He felt or we might cry a whole lot or we feel gratitude for this act of love.

Today, I want us to place ourselves in the journey. By this I mean replace key people in the story with ourselves and answer the questions.

Judas Iscariot, do we betray people? Do we betray ourselves? Do we betray Jesus?
Peter, who cut the guards ear, are we quick to protect what we believe in?
The chief priests and Pharisees, how do we act when we see someone doing good or when we see someone flourishing? Are we filled with envy or are we grateful to God for them?
Pilate, do we trade upholding the truth and standing on the side of God for power, respect and honour that we get from fellow human beings?

Peter, who denied Jesus, do we deny Jesus? Do we deny people their due rights? Do we deny workers their due pay? Do we deny the less privileged?
Mary the Mother of Jesus and the disciple whom Jesus loved who stood till the very end, where will we be when Jesus comes, would we have fallen?
Mary of Magdala, who wiped the bloody face of Jesus, do we offer help to people in need? Do we show compassion or are we less concerned?

Jesus Christ, the Master who took up the cross despite knowing what it would entail, do we carry our cross?
Jesus Christ, who fell down three times and got up three times, do we get up after we fall or do we remain down there?

Let us ponder on these everyday and not just during lent.

Have you heard the good news, the tomb is empty, JESUS LIVES!
HAPPY EASTER FROM ALL OF US AT INSPIRED PENS. Let us celebrate Jesus, the risen Lord.
He got up for you and I.

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