During my bar finals, I had a friend that I had to be spiritually strong for and in the process I came up with these brief write-ups that I fed him constantly. It just dawned on me that I could compile it and share it with other people. You do not have to wait till bar finals to start guiding and guarding your faith. I personally believe that bar finals is not an exam to be done more than once. The mental stress is beyond comprehension. Sometimes, you see the questions and you end up extremely confused. The thing is for those that know our God, now is the best time to hold onto Him and let Him lead you. If there was something I said repeatedly throughout law school, it was “I would not take these exams more than once!” I did not care how tough they made it seem. I prepared my mind to do it just once and so can you love. I hope that the little write-up below will assist you from now in channelling your faith. Do not let the devil penetrate your thoughts and fill it with the fear of failure. It is not going to work.

“Now I want to do something different with you. I want to guide and guard your faith through this exam. I have been asking God for different ways to show you all hope isn’t lost and I might have found a way.

I have one determining factor though. It is a question and I want a sincere answer.

Under whose authority do you intend to write this exam? Yours or His?”

I would like to begin with a prayer:

“So I may not know you personally period but my words will go with you. I pray for wisdom which is the principal thing. I pray that no question will be too hard for you. I pray for understanding. It takes understanding to deliver the right answers. You won’t be found lacking in Jesus name.

Jesus never failed and so it is not your portion to fail. I soak you in the divine anointing of the Lord that His grace may speak for you. I invite the Holy Spirit to dominate your thought process, to teach you and to guide you.

At the end, you will realise that this was too small a storm for God to conquer. This isn’t even your Goliath.

I pray for His divine mercy upon your life and I pray that the joy of the Lord will be your strength. You shall not be weak for He will give you strength.

He said on the cross “it is finished” so are these exams finished in your favour in Jesus name.

In the name that is higher above every other name, I declare that success is indeed your portion. My personal prayer point is that the Lord surpasses your expectation.”


1. “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.” – Philippians 4:13

This is the first Bible verse. From the beginning of this process, upon seeing the stress and how people deliberately complicate things, you have probably started doubting yourself. I am here to remind you that ‘you got this!’ The truth is there is nothing impossible under the sky when you have Him. You are sitting down there, being your own Judge and future marking scheme forgetting that you serve a God that has a pen. A God that walks in miracles! A God that used words to create the world! Do you think you passing this exam is too hard a thing for Him to do?

How about rather than thinking and shaking your head, you start proclaiming that you can do all things through Christ that strengthens you which includes passing these exams once and for all? How about you ditch your physical eyes and start inviting God to do what He does best? How about you lift that worry into Thanksgiving? You have done your little. You fault yourself. It is alright. No one is perfect but how about you let God the multiplier multiply your effort? You need to believe it. You need to have faith that it is not over. If you act like it is, then you are giving room for it to be truly over.

That’s not possible. Don’t try to explain the extent of your ‘fuck up” or potential “fuck up”. Rather cast all of that on Him. Believe Him. Draw closer to Him. Speak to Him. Watch Him take you through this.

2. “I alone know the plans I have for you, plans to bring you prosperity and not disaster, plans to bring about the future you hope for.” – Jeremiah 29:11

This for a long time was my favourite Bible verse. It gives the authority to dream and make plans for your future because God will bring about the future you hope for. It is guaranteed! His word is yes and amen.

The question is what have you said concerning your future? What are you seeing concerning your future? Have you tagged yourself a failure when men cannot tag you that?

How about every time, the end of the tunnel looks dark in relation to this exam, you paint a new image? Do you think God’s plans for you involves failing this exam? It cannot be. He never failed. You are made in His image. Consequently, you cannot fail as well.

You are going to buy your wig and gown because you are hoping for your future. All you need is a little faith. You need to take a step of faith out of these thoughts. You need to stop listening to it and start speaking to the future you want.

Speak it and believe it.

If you need this miracle from God, let Him know how bad you need it.

3. “Be careful for nothing; but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.” – Philippians 4:6 KJV

Ever heard the song ‘prayer is the key’? How many times have you prayed during this period for the success in your forthcoming exams? Not simple utterances but actually speaking to your problems?

I once heard a saying that ‘the distance between a person and his problems is the distance between his knees to the floor praying to God’ and I believe it.

You cannot rewrite your papers once you eventually write them but you can pray to God to guard your hands when writing them and to correct your errors. You can seek favour in the eyes of your maker.

How about you get down on your knees today and have a brief chat with Yahweh. Submit to Him. You said you are going to write these exams under His authority, then you need to start acting as such.

Most importantly keep thanking Him in advance for what He has already done with your result. He shall surpass your expectation.

4. “My flesh and my heart faileth: but God is the strength of my heart, and my portion forever.” – Psalms 73:26 KJV

Need I say more or this says it all? Part of the characteristics of being mortal is we are bound to fail on our own. I mean see how many times we disappoint people in our lives.

Our sufficiency is in His sufficiency. So your hands fail you? Your memory has not been on it’s A game? That’s all flesh failing. But you got someone who does not fail. He did not fail in His mission to redeem the world.

See that God that counted you worthy to have His son give up His life for you is right here. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. That very God that drew water from stone is your portion. He alone is your strength!

Do you really think when God is your strength, failure is in the cards?

I am going to stop here for today. I will put up part 2 tomorrow. I am also considering making an audio recording so you can listen to the message wherever you are. I hope this really speaks to someone out there who is doubting the whole process. You will be just fine.

Thank you for reading this and Stay Blessed!

Queen Natalia

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