So, body shaming.
Very controversial topic

Most people are like everybody should be allowed to be whatever size they want without receiving demeaning comments from anyone.
Other people are like *tell them the truth, they are unhealthy or they look horrible, they can do better*
This is for those that body shame big people.
And other people are just mean.

First of, I’m a big person. I’m on the big side. I never really liked being told to lose weight or eat right or this or that. It always irritates my ear and never pleasing.
And you know the way some people can be now *ah ah Afoma you don fat o*
*ah ah Afoma Afoma wetin you dey chop, see your belle*
*ah ah Afoma take am easy o, you look bigger than your mum*

And I’m like can you please shut up.

At the moment, I’m on a weight loss journey. Why? Because I want to be healthy, to look good and feel good! It took me a while to realise though.

The thing is that everybody thinks they have the right to make a statement. Everybody thinks they need to drop their opinion on everything.
You have no idea what someone is battling with, if someone is depressed or whatever and some people just drop their comments in such a mean manner on social media for the whole world to see!!
Be sensitive to people’s feelings
Imagine body shaming a woman that just gave birth.
The pressure is too much to have a snatched waist, to snap back, to look in a particular way. Lets reduce this pressure.

Now to the big people. Please be comfortable in your skin! Love yourself. If you don’t love yourself, it’s difficult to believe you are truly worthy of love. I always doubted, I was never really comfortable in my body. Making a deliberate effort to lose the weight has made me truly appreciate myself in its form and process.
Be on a constant journey to better yourself. Be bold and beautiful. But make sure you are healthy. This goes both ways, even for the supposedly snatched ones. Be healthy.
Be comfortable in your skin, but make sure you are healthy. Make sure you are not slowly killing yourself because you are trying to prove that size doesn’t matter
Dont let anyone pressure you but make efforts to better yourself.

I read something recently, an apparently big person was preparing for church, came down from the stairs, slumped and died.
Fat is very unhealthy, for your heart, for your legs, for your vessels, for yourself.

Some people are working on themselves and some people are truly okay in their body and don’t see why they should lose the weight because it looks good on them and they like it (and that’s okay).
And it’s not your business on social media to come under his/her post to give her/him unsolicited advice.

Sometimes jump and pass. Sometimes appreciate people. If you truly mean well, there is the dm. Make use of it. Be respectful. The person can take the advice or not. But you would have done everything in the right manner.

If someone makes a video, and the person is legit finding it difficult to breathe and all, drop a polite dm.
Be honest and good and if you can’t, mind your business.

If you are the close friend to someone and the situation requires talking, please talk.
Don’t make someone feel bad however for being on the big side. We can’t all look the same.

Let’s put fat and slim aside now. Some people legit say things like “your legs are too tiny’ ‘her head is too big’ ‘your breasts look like slippers’ and I’m like wow.
Really? What can anyone really do about the size of their head or how their legs look like? Your comments aren’t really appreciated. We need to understand that not everybody is going to look the same way. It is not always a joke please. Know who you are joking with before joking. Not everyone can take it.

Some people end up losing weight but have loose skin and people of the world will still come and be talking what nobody sent them. In this life ehn, just make yourself happy.

Make yourself happy. Please stop body shaming. Be nice. Be healthy.

God bless you!!!

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