I remember reading of coronavirus for the first time on Instagram early this year. The post went something like ‘Wuhan records increased cases of coronavirus’ or something like that and my first thought was ‘nawa o, which one is coronavirus again?’ and I immediately remembered that I had a friend whose brother was in China so I texted her and she was like oh he is not in Wuhan, he is fine. And I was like, phew.

When this pandemic finally hit, Lord knows, I was tired of hearing the same thing over and over again. I was tired of hearing the same thing everywhere. I was especially tired of the fact that some human beings are self-proclaimed news casters and horrible ones at that. Everybody had their thoughts and opinions on what should be done. It was becoming overwhelming, I was really not interested in hearing the statistics or how fast the virus was spreading, but you see those self-appointed statisticians, they won’t allow someone be great.

So, what did your dear girl do? I left my school’s group chat, I decided to ignore all news that would come up when I opened google or even YouTube. I also decided to stop opening Instagram because some people can be so inconsiderate and insensitive. I turned on post notifications for the people on IG that I would like to see their posts. I tried so hard not to open IG for my own mental health. Everything was becoming too toxic.

As much as I disconnected myself from such information for my own good, I couldn’t deny the fact that it was spreading, and the fear was spreading faster than the virus. I was panicking but I tried to maintain composure, anytime the topic would come up, I will just excuse myself because frankly, I wasn’t interested

 Slowly, the world, as per the entire earth lol started shutting down.  Schools, Churches, Mosques, Malls, Cinema Houses, everything we ‘needed’ on a daily were all closed. What a catastrophe, huh?  To make it worse, we are forced to stay home! Oh my, what horror?!(rolling eyes). So, there are no malls for shopping sprees to keep us distracted from whatever is bothering us? Oh my!

There are some people that have been running from whatever and whoever, time to face the problem.  It is absolutely okay to not want to address something for a while, but you can’t ignore it forever, especially when it is important for your health.

Some people’s marriages are broken already, time to face that too!

The ‘religious people’, the ‘if I don’t go to church to hear daddy preach, I am a sinner’ type of people, hope you are okay? Hope you realise that you are the church and not the building? Hope you realise that you don’t need to be with 500 people to encounter God? It is time to have that personal encounter with Him.

Some people can’t fake things anymore and oh it is going to drive people to the edge!

Aunty Titi, now that you can’t shout at your personal assistant as a defence mechanism for all the anger you feel inside, what will you do?

Oga Bolu, undeniably we need to work to eat, we need money to eat and survive but hope this time is reminding you that the woman at home taking care of your children also needs a present husband, she needs some love?

Madam Ekaette, hope you are beginning to appreciate the man you nag almost all the time?

Should we buy food to store during this period, of course yes! But hope you remember that man that lives by the roadside that has nothing? Hope you now appreciate that you are getting that ‘stupid little no good’ salary?  Hope you realise how blessed you are to be able to panic buy?

Hope we understand the meaning of hygiene now?  When you pick your nose and still use that same hand to eat amala and ewedu and don’t fall sick. The things we took for granted; hope we appreciate them now?

Iya Sikirat and Aunty Bola, hope you can see that the malice is not worth it at all?

Hope we appreciate people a little better? That ‘smelling no good janitor’ that is putting himself at risk, hope you see him now?

 Iya, Aunty, Sisi, Uncle, Oga, hope you see better now??

We have all been caused to go back. In a time where everything is shut down, social media won’t do it for you long enough!

For some of us, we need to rest.

For some of us, we need to develop our skills and grow.

For some of us, we need to discover new skills for the next phase

For some of us, we need to rediscover ourselves and reconnect with human beings

For some of us, we need to find our way back to God. The little things we took for granted for lack of time, you will do them now! You have enough time!

For some of us, we need to catch up on our favourite series.

Use this period wisely. Like Pastor Nathaniel Bassey would say, ‘this holiday won’t last long.’

God is telling you that you don’t need to stress so much at work, you don’t need to be so angry at life, you don’t need to run and hide from everything. Put yourself in a position to receive in this period.

And most importantly, let your faith wax stronger. Be of good cheer. I know it is difficult to do this when it is hitting close to home or when it is becoming too heavy to bear, but that is when you need to drop your anchor on Jesus and stand strong.

For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind

God help us and bless us.

If you are more of an audio person, please find attached an audio recording of the article.

Stay Safe,

Afoma and Queen Natalia

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