I have noticed that we tend to limit our abilities based on what we are facing at a particular time. Stick with me, I will expatiate. 

In any sphere of life, we are faced with tougher tasks and responsibilities when we level up. As a medical student in the Caribbean, you have 5 semesters to go through to complete Basic Medical Sciences and each semester, you think ‘yes, this one will definitely finish me off.’

In MD1, you are introduced to a course called Patient- Doctor Relationship, basically to sharpen your communication skills and to make you efficient at really knowing what your patient needs. In MD1, as per introduction to the course, we were doing things like checking blood pressure, vital signs, just getting the basic complaint of the patient and honestly, it was difficult then. Trying to remember everything to do in a time limit, the pressure, it was difficult. I must have felt that was the most stressful thing ever.

Fast-forward to MD5, head to toe exam! Like, with a specific time limit, you have to get information from your patient, perform a routine physical examination, and come up with a possible diagnosis, lol! Wow. Blood pressure checking and taking vitals is like ABC beside this and at some point, it was the worst thing ever.

My point? At the beginning of MD5, I said the head to toe exam was too stressful, that it wouldn’t be possible to remember everything and do it well. Guess what? I did my head to toe exam and I did it excellently well. At the moment, head to toe exam is not what it used to be at the beginning of MD5. It is like ABC now.

I mean I survived in another country for close to one year. I didn’t think I could do it but with God’s help, I survived. In 2016, when I resumed for A levels (first time I would be staying away from home), I was crying like a baby, I didn’t think I would survive without my mummy but I did!  

You have to start every level knowing that you can do whatever is placed before you. DO NOT LIMIT YOURSELF. It is a new stage, it is meant to be tougher, but you would look back one day and consider that stage as ABC.

Life is about levelling up, so level up! (In Ciara’s voice)


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