You can call this my little story time. I live in Dominica and we get 24/7 electricity once you have paid. It’s like a meter – it keeps reading and you top it up when it goes low. They will disconnect the light once the meter is at 0.

Now my story!! The meter was already reading negative, it was just like negative 1 so I didn’t think they will be quick to disconnect us. We were just dragging our feet and then boom, we got disconnected! I was like ah (this place has spoilt me, back home, if they take the electricity, you go and sleep and wait till ‘they’ decide to restore it). Now once the light was disconnected, there was no WiFi. Hence, our way of topping up the electricity was gone too (access to internet). Luckily for us, I had top up, so we went online and bought it.

That’s how we were waiting for them to restore it o, 10 mins, 15 mins, 20 mins, nothing! We had to get the head office’s number to call for them to restore the electricity. All these customer service numbers were using me to sing song, so I kept cutting and calling back. Then as if that wasn’t enough, my top up got exhausted! I felt like crying, no jokes.

Our neighbours didn’t have WiFi but they gave us their phone to make a call, the person we called couldn’t help us. So, we were just there, no top-up, no WiFi and sweaty!

Eventually, our landlord called us because the WiFi being out in our place was affecting our neighbours. We explained the situation and he helped us call the same customer care line, the light was restored, and we lived happily ever after! Lol

What lessons do we want to possibly learn from this? Four lessons actually:

  1. Always have top-up! How can in a house of 3, I am the only one that had top-up! How? Please always have top-up, whether you need it or not, you never know when it will come in useful
  2. Patience!! Oh, patience. I wasn’t so patient. I was irritated by the wait on the customer care line. If I was a little bit more patient, they would have eventually picked, and the light would have been restored sooner because it was the same number the landlord called.
  3. Forgiveness! The reason the electricity was disconnected in the first place was my friend’s fault and I was so pissed but being realistic, it wasn’t really her fault, but it was actually. Lol. I let go of the fact that it was her fault and we just worked together to get the electricity restored.
  4. Always keep your devices charged! I couldn’t read while we were waiting because my laptop was at 6%.

For patience and forgiveness, these are things I know, things I have learned. Why was it so difficult to practice? I think these things are easier said than done but we need to be more intentional about these two in any situation we find ourselves, so we don’t look back and start thinking ‘oh that could have been handled better..’

A lot of people do not know how to act under pressure. Some people tend to make matters worse rather than focus on ways to solve the situation. So, I went in search of some good resources that could help you with stress management and you would find the book attached below.

Also, there are actually laptop power banks. The thought never really occurred to me till this incident when I could not read with my laptop because I had taken constant power supply for granted. Depending on your activities and location, this might me an essential tool for you. I found one and attached the link below.


p.s: As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying sales.

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