Nigeria at 60!

Nigeria, a land flowing with milk and honey. Is it? Some people are already set to behead me for this very statement. Be calming down lol.

Before we say happy birthday, 4 years ago, our first blog post was Nigeria at 56 (feel free to go back and read) and look where we are, God is a very sure G!

Happy birthday to Nigeria! Omg, it’s been 60 years. 60 years of green and white, 60 years of fertile soil, dignity, and strength (at least , so says the coat of arms), 60 years of a whole lot! And the question is what do we have to show for it?

A lot of people will be writing about October 1st and what it means for us as a people, as a nation. Some people will be writing on the way forward, some will be reminiscing, some people will be out right cursing and I think they will be well within logic to.

I am not here to drag anybody’s government (at least not today). Instead, I want to write on the Nigeria we love; the Nigeria that has made us smile one way or the other; the Nigeria that is resilient; the Nigeria that is not plagued with natural disasters; the Nigeria that has God; this Nigeria and the Nigerians. I want to talk about the Nigeria that contained Ebola virus well that year, the Nigeria that has blessed you and I with mad music in a very interesting year.

I want to talk about this Nigeria. 

Nigeria, over the years, might have ‘fallen our hands’ one way or the other but common guys, it’s her birthday and our birthday so let’s drop a few good words of encouragement for her.

I love my country and I love the people. I love the food (is it pounded yam and banga soup eiisshhh or gbegiri?). At least after a very tough day, there is very good food (that is a very big plus). We are a funny set of people!! Well, we can make light of any situation and laugh at it. Twitter says it all lol. We dey pray fire sha! (Let’s leave those ‘religious’ ones first, not today). We know how to hold our own and at the end of the day, we know who owns it all, na Baba God o. Na only Him know which way.  Oh, and what a resilient set of people we are! Laziness isn’t in our dictionary, we want something, we work for it (and again, not today for those who sit on their hands waiting for gold to fall in their laps, wehdone ma, wehdone sir, the gold is on its way o!) I admire the resilience, the strength of the women and men that come out every day, come rain or shine, to make some money.

Oh wow! Nigeria, take tiri gbosa jarey, you try. It’s Nigeria’s birthday today. Do something good for the celebrant today or tomorrow or during the course of the week, whatever. Don’t throw the gala nylon on the floor, there’s a dustbin somewhere if you look for it. Be patient, everybody is angry o, try to be the patient one, it costs you nothing. Smile; find something to smile about, no matter how little. There are a lot of people living in poverty, help someone within your means today. Don’t be rude, that woman selling bole is a human being and very worthy of respect. PRAY for our country. It is ours. We are Nigerians. Seek out the Lord’s face over Nigeria, let His hand move over and for us (for those who know, we know that this is a big deal). Please don’t sit and curse out the celebrant and the inhabitants, it doesn’t help.

It is well.

Happy 60th, owanbe ati asoebi nko ?


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