What makes you go?

What is it about life that gets you off your bed, up and running?

What pushes you to do things you thought you would never do?

What drives you?

Is it purpose?

The reality that you were made for something?

The desire to fulfil those big dreams of yours?

Or to add value everywhere you go?

I think it’s that orgasmic feeling that comes with completing a task you are after.

Oh, not that?

Then maybe it’s just your selfish desire to quench your thirsty sense of validity.

You so desperately want to be loved and adored by many.

You never want your name to leave the lips of any.

Your actions are fuelled by the crowd’s reaction.

You seem not to have a thought of your own because you live off people’s opinion.

Hell, you don’t even live for yourself.

Almost as if your life is not yours.

No! It’s not God’s either.

Your life is shredded into many bits,

blown to the air for any idiot to catch.

You are what they call a people pleaser.

You live for the glitz and glamour.

I guessed wrong again?

Maybe it is your big fear of failure then,

You cannot handle it,

The thought of it sends uncontrollable shivers down your spine,

The idea of failure is filthier than filth itself to you.

You never want to be a let-down.

Always wanting to live up to expectation, up to standard.

For this reasons, you do everything to avoid it.

Your commitments, dreams and aspiration are all built on this fear,

Then again, maybe you are like me.

You are unsure of what drives you,

Sometimes, you even think nothing makes you do the things that you do.

You envy those that have a reason,

Other times, you are convinced it is all of the reasons on the block,

Because you are neither here nor there, motivation can get very distant,

Your work is always left unfinished

And you find yourself floating in the void of “uninspiration”,

Desperately begging to be pulled down by the gravity of inspiration.


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