Throw a dice and I will tell you what life is

Its outcome is like life’s randomness

Utterly cruel and unfair sometimes

Sweet and pleasant at other times

Life is so fickle

A blink is too long a time for its fickleness

They say nothing is constant except change

I say life’s flickering loyalty throws change off the change charts

Life is cruel and wicked

But we all get our fair share of its pleasantness and sweetness

Like Batman’s two face

We get to experience both its side

To what end is life’s randomness then?

Will it hurt if it was just straight with us?

Why drive us up the hill of happiness

And then throw us down to the filth of sorrow?

We live in constant fear of life’s randomness

In that fear, we actually live

For if life was straight and plain

Our lives would be void and meaningless.

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