New Day!!

My body remained glued to the bed

The weight on my chest determined to stay

Worry and anxiety threw a party in my head

Perspiration greeted my palms with its wetness

Tremor slipped through my legs with such grace

Life, as I have come to know it

Takes pleasure in throwing me around

On days I stood to fight

With a mocking laughter that echoed through time

It knocked me over with a wave of its hands

But today is a new day

It comes with another chance to fight

Its gift to me was renewed strength

The rising sun smiled at me through the window

Hope by its side, giving me a wink

The glue lost its effect

The weight got bored and took a walk

“Party’s over”, said anxiety to worry

Perspiration did not seem interested in my palms anymore

Tremor stopped in its tracks and disappeared!

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