Hello guys!!!

Longest time!

Won’t it be easier if I always believe God has a plan? I mean won’t it be easier if I always remembered the words ‘even when I don’t see it, You are working’?

Reflecting on this past week, I was forcefully put into quarantine. Due to this whole COVID issue, there are very low risk countries, low risk countries, medium risk countries and high-risk countries. I stay in Dominica which is a very low risk country. There are some regulations guiding travel and I wouldn’t want to bore you with all that information lol. Just know, I made a trip to a very low risk country which wouldn’t have required quarantine on return to Dominica. However, on my way back, the aircraft had an issue and we had to spend the night in a high-risk country which changed everything. I was forcefully put into quarantine (forcefully because I had no intention of sleeping in a high-risk country), and I had to pay! It would have been a different thing if I was prepared for all these. You know, save up my money, pack necessary clothing items. But no, this is me at the airport, tired, ANGRY to the point of tears, no extra clothes, confused with some people saying ‘I am sorry, we know it is not your fault but you have to go into quarantine’. If I could roll my eyes into my head, I would have because I was just not having any of that.

Long story short, I was placed in self-isolation at my own expense o. My God was I pissed!

The point of this short story time? Here it is! Looking back, I am not angry anymore (I mean who stays angry for that long? lol). I dare say, I am grateful. Super grateful. This season was quite fruitful. I was forced to stop and spend some quality time with God. I am alone, my phone got boring, my laptop couldn’t keep me occupied for 24 hours. So, I read a book titled ‘Good Morning Holy Spirit’ by Benny Hinn. Let’s just say, I really really really really needed that. 

I also developed a healthy eating habit. I stopped thinking about food so much lol. I wasn’t cooking, I had to rely on someone bringing my food in the morning and afternoon. There’s nothing like extra. No unnecessary snacking, which was pretty good for me.

I needed the rest and the break (I watched a lot of YouTube videos) and the space. I also started drinking a lot of water (I was really struggling in this department). Now, I am leaving quarantine with fresh skin  😂😂😂😂

Won’t it have been easier to have just accepted from the get-go that God definitely had a plan in the midst of all of these? Or that He had my best interest at heart? But let’s be candid, it is not always easy to just stop and acknowledge that God got you (but He does) especially in some situations that are way more delicate than staying in quarantine for 7 days.

However, it is important that we slow down and commit the situation to God. I did, after a lot, I mean, a lot of grumbling and tears. But it always helps to remember. Remember what is important.

So yes, I was just thinking, won’t it be better for us to just say ‘I know God got me’ than to say, ‘looking back, I am grateful or I wish I had calmed down and really assessed the situation’? I don’t know. I just pray the Holy Spirit helps us to remember that God always has a grand plan for us, legit. No matter the situation, there is a benefit for God’s own children. Also remember, He never gives us more than what we can handle. Never!

Stay blessed!


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