Hello Lovelies,

How have you been? How are you enjoying the new year?

Our first blog post and it is by me! This is probably the first time in years that the first post is by me. New Year resolution Of course, it has to be a really good one or at least, I hope it is. I am sharing my December story with my lovelies.

So, I had a wonderful December. It was soooo wonderful. And no before you start losing focus, I did not have a ‘Detty December’! I had a God sponsoring December. It was a December of God pampering me on a reg. Clearly, I am so excited by that statement and I thought to blog about it. You know, share a piece of my cake with you. As with everything I write, it is really to inspire you. To let you know that there is a lot out there for you. Take your position at the feast table. So,  without talking too much, let’s get into my Christmas miracles. I hope it gingers you a ‘lirru’.

  • Calling forth my Lazarus

Lol. You are probably wondering why the title is so deep. Well, at the time that was my reference, the frame with which I looked at the situation. If He had done it before, He is faithful to do it again! Okay okay I already hear you asking what exactly happened. Interestingly, not a lot of people know about it. Well, everybody that was not in church last Sunday when I shared the testimony knows nothing about it. So, this is premium gist, lol.

My sister (yes, the one you all know and love) was to travel from Country A to Country B. I was certain of journey mercies. We had a family call just before she boarded the plane. However, immediately after wishing her journey mercies that I was certain of, something happened. I am not exactly sure of what happened. I do not know if I went into a trance or if it was a vision I saw. I am not good with these things yet. But the important thing is that I suddenly saw a plane crash and also saw myself calling forth my sister from the crash. I called her back to life which was similar to Jesus calling Lazarus forth.

Now when I came back to myself, I kept thinking about it. I told myself that it was not on my feast table. If there is anything I am confident about, it is the fact that I will not die by accident. And this prayer covers my family and people connected to me. I will not lose a sister to a plane crash. Whilst a part of me pondered on the story of Jesus calling Lazarus forth, the other part of me dismissed it as one of my very weird imaginations. I have an overly active imagination and sometimes it behaves like it is on steroids. So, I blamed this on some weirdness going on somewhere in my head.

The next day, I spoke to my sister and she was just fine. See! It was really my brain acting funny. I was simply ignorant. What I did not know was that there was indeed a problem with her plane that had forced them to have an emergency landing in another country on their way to Country B. Eventually, she got to Country B sound but she was forced to go into quarantine as the plane had its emergency landing in a high risk country. Whilst she was more upset about being in quarantine, I was in awe. God had just saved my sister! I do not think I am grateful enough! Imagine I saw that vision and did not even call her forth before dismissing it as a weird imagination? This is why it is very important to be sensitive in the spirit. This is why it is important to pray when you feel led to. You never know whose life you are saving. Maybe one day in heaven, you will get a clue of the things you averted because you simply obeyed the urge to say a simple prayer.

My sister will be in shock when she reads this because I never told her or anyone about it. I just kept marvelling at the type of God I serve. A God that will cause me to see something in advance and shield my sister from it. You know the funny thing? I really did not do anything too big. I did not say a mighty prayer. I just kept saying ‘I call Afoma forth’. And then I dismissed it. It was so simple. See ehn, your prayers do not need to be unnecessarily long. God is not deaf. Your prayer does not need to contain big English. None of that impresses God. Just speak!

From this miracle, I learnt God is with me o! He loves me so much! He takes everything I take personally, extra personally. He is ready to work with me if I am ready. I said this was December of special miracles. I called my month what I wanted it and He backed it! He did not leave me hanging out there. Your mouth and words are very powerful. Using the word of God, call a situation what you want it to be. Take your rightful position. I hope you realise that you can begin to call forth your miracles. Everything you need is available, CALL IT FORTH! I called my month what I wanted to be, and my Mighty God honoured my word. And this is just the beginning o! I have more to share with you. Just wait for it. At least, I can share the ones I was conscious of. The truth is even when it does not feel like it, He is working. So, there are things I am probably not aware of that He did for me in December. Ahh you cannot tell me God is not real. Neither can you tell me He is not good. Finally, you cannot tell me He doesn’t love me!

I will serve you more soonish! Stick around my love but first enjoy this one. And of course, let me know what you think.

Queen N

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