My Special Christmas Miracles 2!!

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Earlier I mentioned calling my month what I wanted, and God backed it. I called December the month of special miracles. I knew without a shadow of a doubt that it would be a month where I learn to depend on Him wholly. If not for anything, for the fact that I did not really have enough in my bank account. So, I knew that I could not even flex this December. Do you know what I did? I went to have a conversation with the person throwing the Christmas party. Yes! I had a conversation with the real Father of Christmas. I mean my elder brother was about to be born so please sponsor all your children this Christmas. I prayed with a lot of faith that every little need of mine would be miraculously met. The truth is I had not personally identified anything I needed yet. But I knew there would be things I need in front.

Altogether, I have 12 miracles apart from the story of my sister I shared. You know like the 12 days on Christmas Now come on a journey with me as I briefly speak about these miracles. Again, this is not for show off really. This is to show you what a relationship with God is capable of yielding. The doors knowing your Father would open for you. Also, I know I said I prayed with a lot of faith. Yes, I did. Were there days I slightly worried? Yes, there were but I always rebuked it and reminded myself of who had me. So, let’s start.

My first miracle was I received my Amazon vouchers earlier than when due. Now on the side, I have a digital ambassadorship volunteering role with the university. Basically, I answer questions concerning my school from prospective students. You know, some people want to know what the environment is like and other related questions. In return, I get paid in Amazon vouchers. This vouchers usually come at the end of the month. But I got a ‘by the way’ email stating that it would be sent way earlier. I received it and they had even added extra to the usual amount. I was so excited. It meant I could get myself a little something from Amazon as a gift for myself which I sure did.

Because I serve a God that gives double portions, that very day my second miracle happened. Now although, I had my Amazon voucher and was excited to gift myself something. What I really wanted was a pair of shoes. I suddenly started craving owning a pair of heels. I told myself I would wear one after over a year of not wearing one. However, I did not currently own any. So, I went on Boohoo and was window shopping. At the same time, I was chatting with a friend. He has been my friend since secondary school. And just so we are clear, he does not buy me anything. In fact, in the 11 or 12 years we have known each other, he had only bought me an actual gift once and coldstone once. Just giving you guys perspective ehn.

Back to my story, he started whining over wanting a particular sandwich and that I should get it for him. And I said in turn, he too should get me the shoes I was looking at. Of course, I was playing. I was trying to tell him that everybody is looking for something and he should free me o. Next thing, he asked me to send him the link to the shoes I was looking at let him see. I sent it. He then asked for my house details that he would order it. You know when you think your friend is pranking you yeah? That is exactly how I felt. But I sent him the details. Next thing he teased me asking me so I really think he can afford to buy me those shoes. In my head, I said I knew it!

There I was thinking that he really had tried to prank me, and he sent me a screenshot! I was in shock! He had actually ordered me the shoes and said it was my Christmas gift. I was so excited and could barely contain my joy. It really wasn’t because a friend bought me shoes. It was because it was a double confirmation in one day. My Heavenly Father was showing me with His Mighty Chest that He would take care of me. All I did was look at shoes and they were mine. Ahhh!!!!!! What a wawu? I started immediately thinking of what to look at next. My appetite for my special miracles increased. I could have more.

A couple of days later, I received an email from my school accommodation telling me that I was entitled to a refund. When I saw the amount I was entitled to, I ‘kinda’ feared a little. I asked them to double check please. Because I was sure that was not exactly accruable to me. It was checked and it turned out that it is an amount from my accommodation fees in undergrad. I do not know if you are getting it. All of a sudden, I have refundable fees from my days in undergrad. I graduated in 2017 and it is in 2020, they are reminded of that refund due to me. If it is not God, tell me who now? Now, I have not received the refund yet because the school went on break and all. But I strongly believe God just wanted me to know that His provision does not end with December, there is already provision stored up for me in future, at a time that it would be beneficial to me.

Yay!! So, that is the first 3. We have 9 more to go. Stay tuned!

Stay blessed!

Queen N

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