My Special Christmas Miracles 4!!

Hello Lovelies,

This is the final part of my Christmas miracles.

Eighth miracle – On the 23rd, I had my nails done (dancing). I always struggle with deciding what style I would get. Eventually, I end up going for something simple. That is exactly what happened on that day as well. I ended up going for a simple acrylic set.

Anyway, the important miracle for the day was actually a testimony my sister told me concerning her friend. Her friend was saved from what ought to be a fatal accident. To tell you how bad it would have been, observers were surprised by how the accident was averted. They were already sure that she was going to be hurt but she wasn’t to the grace of God. The bus driver of the bus she boarded right after expressed his shock because he saw the whole thing play out. But my God preserved her.

 I count it as one of my miracles because a testimony connected to my sister is a testimony connected to me. Most of my sister’s friends I consider to be my baby sisters as well. Had anything happened to that friend, my sister would have been affected. Had my sister been affected, I would have been affected. And my agreement with God did not include tears in December. It did not include pain or worry. We were on pure cruise mode. So, I am grateful. This is the second accident HE averted in December for me and I am totally in love with this God.

Ninth miracle – Can you guess what I got on Christmas eve? Lol. Of course, I cannot hear your responses. On Christmas eve, I got a call that brought me food. A church member was nice enough to cook food in order to distribute to the students who could not travel home for Christmas. I happen to be a Youth Exec. so I was the middleman. And that was how I got free food on Christmas eve. Believe me, it was delicious. I mean from just let me taste it, I finished the whole plate.

Tenth miracle – By Christmas morning, I was already running a bit low on cash, but I was unbothered. God was taking care of me in His own way. That morning I decided to make Christmas breakfast for my myself and my housemates. It was the first time we were getting to eat together, and it was fun. It really helped us bond better. They were grateful for the meal. One of my housemates then asked me to cook for them again the next day and she transferred some money to my account to do that. Of course, she transferred more than what I really needed to make the food. So, I went from low money to more money that same morning.

Later in the evening, my other housemate treated me to a home cooked dinner. It was delicious and I even got to try a Greek salad with good music in the background.

Eleventh Miracle – That same Christmas day, my church family -yes, I have a whole church mother, father, and siblings – brought me so much food. I had packs of jollof rice and chicken, pepper soup, extra pack of chicken sef, drinks and chocolate biscuits. To crown it all, they got me a pair of trainers. Like only me!!!!! I really did not have to cook for the next couple of days. I was on full cruise mode. Please I enjoyed myself o. The food was delicious. Ahh no they spoilt me, but I am soooo grateful to them and for them.

Finally, my last recorded miracle. Hmmn. So, I was gisting with Afoma and we were talking about skin care products. There is a back story to that, but I will save it for another time. But in the course of the gist, I mentioned that some of my skin care things were beginning to finish but I could not afford to buy another batch now so it would have to wait. The very next day, a friend came to drag me out of my house that we should go shopping. There were a set of shops he wanted to go to. I had not even had my bath yet when he came with his wahala. So, he waited for me, I showered, got dressed and went out on this shopping. The koko of the gist is just know that as I was coming back, I had restocked my skin care products and money did not come from my pocket. Pastor M had gisted us about this Asda skin care range she uses. It is actually quite affordable honestly. I saw it and I was quite excited to use the products my Pastor M recommended, so I picked some and put it in the basket o. When it was time to pay, my friend just paid for everything. I came back home with free skin care products, subway, and paid bus fares. Isn’t God a wonder? I will leave to answer the question.

Well, we have come to the end of my Christmas miracles!! In total, I learnt two major things in December, 2020. First, God loves me too much. Like HE loves me so much that HE spoils me with what I need and just want. Now, I know if I ask my Father for something and HE withholds it, there has to be a reason which is for my good. Secondly, I learnt that Favour is higher currency than money. This is something Pastor M has mentioned a few times but now, it is real to me. God’s Favour upon your life ehn. See how I was getting things. I did not receive that refund in December but I did not lack a thing. I was supernaturally taken care of and I love it. Sometimes, I think I am not even grateful enough for how wonderfully God deals with me.

I hope you enjoyed the gist but most importantly, I hope you learnt something. If you did then please share with us in the comments. Thank you for sticking with me and my gist. I wonder what our next series would be on. Stick around and find out.

P.s: Remember that miracle about my assessment and I hoped to get distinction in the second part? I did get a distinction by God’s grace. He constantly leaves me in awe.

Stay blessed!

Queen N


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