This Kind of Love (Valentine Edition)

I initially didn’t want to write anything for this valentine’s day because I am not just liking the fact that people are going on and an on about being single, being lonely, things like ‘Nobody has delivered anything to me o’ blah blah blah. I don’t know if it’s pure cruise but I feel all those things are heightened this year. Oh well. I legit roll my eyes to the back of my head every time (okay, not every time) I see those posts.

Before we continue, how many of us are rocking our red and white today? Let me know in the comments section.

I know it vexes some people to hear things like ‘it shouldn’t just be about you and your partner, it should be about Jesus’ and I get your frustration like ‘can I just enjoy my valentine with my significant other without disputing the fact that I love Jesus?’ Holier than thou yeah? I see.

Nonetheless, I am here to talk about that. I am not here to tell you what to do on Valentine’s day or what not to do. I am also not here to felicitate with the singles lmao. I am here to talk about LOVE. Love in its realest and purest form and I can’t say today is the best day for that because people are so occupied with not hearing this particular story today. This kind of love is an everyday kind of love sha. I am a proud Jesus girl. I love Jesus. I won’t talk about my love for Him right now because there is room to love Him so much more. But as you dey see Jesus so, He loves us so much, He can’t love us anymore than He does right now because He loves us to the very maximum.

I want to try and paint the most vivid picture ever. I am certain some of you have heard this story before but indulge me.

God created the earth and everything within it and it was good, perfect. It got corrupted. This broke His heart. His heart was grieving. He was sorry He even did anything (Gen 6: 5-7). So, He sent a flood, which is actually a story about judgement and restoration (story for another day). Imagine, your personal computer had a virus and you format the system. Man is born with sin and in the olden days, one needed to offer a sacrifice to enter God’s presence. But, you see, God wants to be with us always, He wants us to come into His presence. He wants to have personal and intimate relationship with us. So, His only Son paid the ultimate sacrifice (death, death on a cross). His sacrifice is complete because He resurrected defeating the grave, death and hell. He became sin, carried it all, so we can have abundant life.

Jesus, fully God and fully man, came down, dwelt with us and went to the cross for us. He looks at us and says we are worth it. If you were the only person on earth, He would have still done it for you. That’s to what extent He loves you. His heart beats for you.  His love leaves the 99 for the 1.

What kind of love is this? What kind of love dies a shameful death for someone else? What kind of love looks at you while dripping in blood and says you’re worth it? What kind of love takes all the blame for someone else? What kind of love is this? He died for a ‘maybe you’ll accept Him’. Maybe. What kind of love is this that He holds each and every single one of us in His arms? What kind of love is this? So reckless. So unmatched. So selfless. What kind of love is this, He knows everything about you and He doesn’t care about whatever you may have done, He just wants you to come home. Even if you love pass everybody, you no love reach like this. This kind of love makes you sob like a big baby! And now you can banter with Him, with first class tickets to Him sef. Oh my God.

Happy Valentine’s day!! Jesus loves you more than you could ever think. His heart beats for you. This kind of love makes you shout on rooftops proclaiming your love for Him right back. This kind of love is what is built in us to be able to love ourselves and then love others (the greatest commandment, Matthew 22:36-40). Don’t doubt God’s love for you. If man who is evil loves what he creates, how much more a good God that created us all.  

Enjoy your day!


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