Heart Beat Part 22!!

“Who asked that?” Philip asked recognising the voice. Maria immediately moved to hold her daughter and realised that Martin was already doing the same thing. This was going to be the day of the undoing. “I said who asked that question?” Philip repeated agitated. His mind must be playing tricks on him. Nobody seemed to be too worried. Was he the only one that heard the voice or were they acting out a show here today? Daniella was a bit puzzled as well. The voice sure sounded like a familiar voice. She felt very uneasy about whatever was transpiring here right now. Just then, George made it through the crowd followed by Robin and his other bodyguards. Philip was astounded. Daniella’s mouth dropped open and remained open till her mother closed it. Michael’s eyes widened in shock. Janet shot her eyes right up at her smiling husband. Cecilia screamed! The reporters scampered in fear. Were they seeing a ghost? It was safe to say that this was the biggest surprise of the century. “Philip, do not look so shocked. It is me in flesh and blood.” George said with a wide grin. “You are dead! I made sure of it!” Philip replied in shock. “You care to explain what you mean by you made sure of it?” George asked tilting his head. “I mean, it was everywhere. I even attended your funeral.” Philip replied. “I cannot believe that I am conversing with a ghost.” Philip said trying to convince himself that he was seeing things. George simply laughed, walked forward and tapped him with his newspaper. “I would say it is time you wake up from your slumber.” George teased and took a seat in front. Philip’s whole body froze. George was actually somehow really alive and his brain was trying hard to understand it. “Thank you gathering me an audience.” George said winking at Martin. “I have a very interesting show for you all. So, please take your seats.” George said looking at the reporters. Everyone started seating down. They were all like robots as they were in complete shock and some people doubted their sanity. Only Maria, Martin, Patrick, Peter and Robin seemed fine, why won’t they be?

“What the hell are you doing?” Philip asked finally gathering the courage to use words. “I would suggest you seat for this.” George responded with a smile. The projector came on and a video started playing. It was titled confessions and people were trying to make meaning of it. The whole time Daniella stared at her father in absolute shock. The man was alive! Just then, the video showed the hoodlums that Philip had hired to take out George and the Doctor. They narrated how they were hired and the instructions they were given and how they were caught in the act. The reporters were beginning to come alive. They were recording and making notes of what was transpiring. After that, Peter came on and narrated how Philip had blackmailed him into trying to take away the Estiamo group from Daniella. For the first time since George appeared, Daniella shifted her gaze from her father to Peter. Her eyes were boring a hole in him. It was the audacity for her. “This is such a lie! What type of rubbish is this? I will sue you for a whole lot of things.” Philip was throwing a tantrum when the next voice came up. “My father does not care about me. Actually, that sounds selfish. He does not care about anybody. We are all pawns. The only reason he wants me to marry Michael is so that he can snatch the Saint Morgan wealth. For years, I know he has had something with that Cecilia Estiamo woman and if she thinks he cares about her, then she is mistaken. She is a pawn to snatch the Estiamo wealth as well. For Philip Williams, everyone is a tool!” Zee snapped. “That cannot, I repeat that cannot be my daughter!” Philip yelled at George. “Don’t yell. That is not very gentlemanly.” George retorted. “I am going to kill you!” Philip replied. “And there it is. The real you.” George teased. “You think this is funny?” Philip asked with a crooked smile. “I know it is funny.” George replied with humour in his eyes. At that, the police appeared to whisk Philip away. “This must be a joke! I am not a criminal!” Philip said. He could not believe his eyes. “Save your energy for when we get to the police station.” A Police Officer replied.

The recording that Martin heard about Philip and Cecilia talking began to play. The truth was being revealed. Martin was not an Estiamo. Daniella looked at Martin with her hand over her mouth. Michael put a hand on his shoulder. A new level of anger was beginning to well within Daniella. Philip simply bent his head and thought, ‘this stupid woman had to get caught.’ “Philip Williams, you may be my biological sperm donor, but you will never be my father!” Martin snapped. “Well, that is quite rich because I am the only biological parent you have alive. I only needed you for one thing and clearly you do not aspire for greater power. So, I agree I can never be your father! In fact, I disown you and Zee. You both are cowards!” Philip snapped. “I guess it flows from the top” Martin replied sarcastically. Philip wanted to make for him but the police officers stopped him and began to lead him away. At the entrance of the hall, he saw Zee standing there. “I ought to be sad and say that I would miss you, but what is there to miss in an empty shell?” Zee asked with a raised brow. “You will regret this!” Philip retorted. “The only thing I regret is being quiet all these years while you blatantly disrespected my mother. Well, now she is free and you will get everything you deserve and yes, we disown you right back!” Zee replied and walked out on Philip. ‘Good riddance’, she muttered.

As the commotion subsided, Martin looked at his mother, “What did he mean by the only biological parent alive?” He asked. “Martin, I can explain.” Cecilia replied with tears trickling down her face. “Explain? So, there is an extra explanation for all of this?” Martin said not being able to believe his ears. Daniella stood beside her brother holding his hand. She could understand what he must be feeling at the moment. “He had you with another woman. He could not be with a woman that George had ‘used’. My job was to mother you and I absolutely love you Martin.” She said taking a few steps towards him. “Don’t you dare!” Martin snapped. “I am done with you and every lie you have ever told me! I have a new family and I will take them the way they are. Do not call me your son. I am not your son. I am not a Williams. I am an Estiamo and I will remain that till I die. Lastly, I am not a pawn!” He said and walked away holding onto Daniella. She was his source of strength at the moment. Cecilia fell to the floor and just wailed. Maria could not help but feel a little bad for her. She may not have given birth to Martin but she loved him in her own way, probably twisted but she had done a good job bringing up the fine young man. She deserved that credit.

“Well, I will suggest that you save your energy. Crying won’t help you at the moment. I want back the keys to my house. I want the cars back. I am blocking your cards and the monthly payments you get from my estate. I will leave you with the few businesses you own. You at least applied some mental capacity to have them running. Eventually, they will come back to me. Philip cannot be investigated without you being dragged down with him. So, enjoy your numbered free days.” George threw at Cecilia who was still wailing. Now the wailing intensified because she was about to end up back in the streets. George made for Maria but she simply shook her head and walked away. If he never cheated, all of these would not have happened? ‘Who did he think he was dishing out punishment like that?’ Maria thought as she fumed out of the hall. George understood that she was pissed and if she was ever going to come around, he would have to give her space. So, he turned around and met with the Saint Morgans. Janet was still so shocked and she ran behind her husband as George approached. Both men laughed and she finally came around to hug him. “It is really you George!” She exclaimed. “I guess it truly is.” George replied with a smile.

Michael had gone out to be with Martin and Daniella. The three of them sat in silence. So many things were racing through their minds. Suddenly Daniella stood up and asked, “which one of you has a pick axe?” Both men looked at themselves and repeated, “pick axe?” “Yes, now is someone going to give it to me or not?” Daniella asked staring them down. “Okay, I think I know where we can get one from.” Martin replied and Michael hit him. “Why are you encouraging her?” “Aren’t you at least curious about what she needs it for?” Martin replied. Michael already had an idea of what she was up to. “If you both are done, let us go and get it.” Daniella said heading for the car. Martin followed closely but Michael refused to follow and they left him behind. Michael sat there and tried to process his thoughts. If he knew Daniella, then he was correct about what she was about to do. He got up after spending about 15 minutes in the same spot and went back into the hall. “Where is Mama Maria?” He asked his parents and George. “She left a few minutes ago. What is wrong?” George asked concerned. “It is Daniella. I think she is about to have an emotional breakdown and it won’t be pretty.” Michael informed them. “Where is she?” George asked. “Out with Martin to get a pick axe.” Michael replied. “Pick axe?” George asked. “When I said it won’t be pretty, I was not exaggerating. Please let us go.” Michael said hurrying them along. They got into the same car and Michael stepped on it.

They got to the graveyard and there were two familiar cars there. They raced through to where should be George’s grave and there Daniella was. She took off her expensive mustard coloured blazer and threw it to the floor. Martin carefully picked it up. She rolled up her white crisp shirt. “I see I have an audience.” She said acknowledging her mother’s as well as George’s and the Saint Morgan’s presence. “For the last 3 months, I have mourned the man supposedly buried here and today he turns up alive. So, I am a little curious as to what he buried here.” Daniella explained as she picked the axe and dealt the grave a heavy blow. She hit it again and started crying heavily. With every hit, a new wave of emotion washed over her. Memories overwhelmed her. Every visit, every tear, every regret, every fear, every time her mother looked pale, the struggles, and yet he was alive. The brother she has, they tried to take him from her and now he has to go through the biological, non-biological rubbish. Who cares about that?!  No one went near her for some time. She had to vent. She has needed to vent for the last 3 months. It has been too much for her anyway. By the tenth hit, Michael could not bear it anymore. She paused for a few seconds and just let herself cry. At this point, Michael went for her and just enveloped her in a hug. Maria was so heartbroken seeing her child in this state. George went towards his daughter and tried to hug her. “Don’t you dare!” Daniella snapped and broke free from Michael’s hug. She snatched her blazer and car keys from Martin and ran off. Michael and Martin ran after her but she beat them to car and she zoomed off. The guys got into Maria’s car and instructed the driver to follow Daniella. Michael threw the car keys on the last car and that is what the parents got into. Maria kept massaging her temple. She was having a terrible migraine. She just wanted to hold her child and rest. “Maria, I am truly sorry.” George said solemnly. “I just hope you truly found what you were looking for.” Maria responded and looked away.

Daniella drove straight to her own apartment, the one she was in when her father supposedly died. She just wanted to be by herself. She did not want to see her father. She did not know whether to be happy that he is alive or upset that he hurt her so deeply. She wanted fresh air. She got to her house and just parked haphazardly in front and made to go in. Just as she put the keys in, Michael and Martin pulled up behind her. She did not say a word. She simply opened the door and they followed her in. She threw her blazer on the seat and removed her shoes. How she had successfully run in heels became a mystery to her at the moment. She untucked her shirt and just sat on the floor. Words were still far from her. It felt like a déjà vu. When her and her father had that fight and she came here, it felt like life had left her. Now she was back here months later and life again seemed to have left her. So she sat and just stared with her knee supporting her elbow and her palm supporting her chin. Michael took off his blazer and shoes as well and sat right beside her on the floor without touching her. Martin did the same thing. They just sat there in silence. After some time, Martin surprisingly started shedding tears. He was giving himself permission to fall apart. He had tried to be strong from the beginning of all of these and now, he was giving himself permission to be tired and weak. Daniella rested her head on him and said, “Let it out baby. Let it all out.” At the same time, she intertwined her fingers with Michael’s. In that moment, she realised that life had not left her after all. Her men had brought it with them. She was not alone. She had them. She was not feeling overwhelmed alone. They were there right with her, guarding her. The last time she was here, she did not think she had anything to be grateful for. But now, just being with M square, she knew she had a lot to be thankful for and just maybe she could forgive her dad as well. They stayed there till the three of them eventually slept off in weird positions.

When Maria noticed the direction in which the cars were headed, she told George, “Please take me home.” “But Daniella needs us.” George replied. “Trust me, she has all that she needs at the moment and they are going to her safe place. I need to lay down right now.” Maria said calmly. It was evident that she was weak. Too much activity had gone on today and she needed the rest. George obediently turned the car around and made for the Estiamo mansion. When they arrived, he got down and carried his wife. He then asked Robin to send the Saint Morgans safely home. George carried his wife to what used to be their bed room and laid her on the bed. He removed her shoes and jacket, tucked her in and watched her fall asleep peacefully. He had missed this. He had missed home.

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