Here I was sitting beside my father. We were gathered to pray as a family which is our usual routine. However, as I sat down beside him all I could focus on was our feet. Yes, our feet! Odd right? I was mesmerised as to how similar our feet was. I kept glancing from toe to toe and my feet imitated every crook and line of my dad’s feet down to the slight bend in his big toe. After prayer, I could not help but point it out to my dad. He also checked it out and asked me “how can you resemble a man like this?” Lol! A very interesting question but he is my FATHER! And do you know what is more funny, I have my mother’s leg. So it is my mother’s leg on my father’s feet. Such a combination!

I have this thing of constantly playing with my fingers. I was a chronic nail biter at some point but we thank God for progress…lol. But I still play with my fingernails and sometimes, I end up injuring the side of my fingers. We went on a family trip recently and I had the pleasure of observing the whole family from the backseat. Before me was my mother focused on playing with her fingers. The thing was this was not the first time I was seeing her do it but this was the first time it dawned me that I did not just pick their looks but their little traits. I could be as intense as my dad or as chill as my mum. It all depends on the day you catch me.

What is the grand point of all of these? If we claim to be children of God, do we reflect His traits? God is love, not just any kind of love but unconditional, reckless, sacrificial love. Do we love? Do we love ourselves, our neighbours and even God? God is merciful. Do we extend mercy to others? I cannot help but think of that servant that had his debt forgiven but went to drag his mate that was owing him money. God is excellent in everything. Do we strive for excellence or we are forever on the mediocre lane chilling? God is patient. Are you a short fuse? I have come a long way in curtailing my temper. Being angry is even hard work.

The main point, by their fruits you shall know them. There are certain things I do and people say I am my father’s daughter and rightly so. What do you do that portrays God? By your fruits do people want to know God or flee from Him? Are you a saint in church and a beast on the streets? Do you claim to be available but you are not useful? Are you an empty beautiful vessel?

What do your traits tell?

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