I love vitamin C, do you? I mean most times I forget that it is a drug of some sort and consume it. Even at the point of writing this, I believe I should be able to lick as much as I want without my mum counting it out for me as prescribed. In my close to 25 years on earth I have never rejected vitamin C until recently. My mother purchased this suspicious looking vitamin C. I had never seen it before. It was white. I had tasted some white vitamin c in the past and I thought I could take on this suspicious looking thing. Upon my first taste, I quickly realised that I was allergic to bitterness. What??????!! It was the most bitter disgusting thing I had ever tasted and I immediately rejected it. Everybody in the house rejected it from children to adults. Mum kept it for sometime and kept trying different permutations and combinations to get us to take it and we just won’t bulge. This morning I saw the two containers in the bin where they rightly belong! What had happened? Our taste buds had be tuned to a particular taste of vitamin C and this criminal looking thing did not cut it!

We are in a time where there is an overwhelming amount of information out there. Sometimes, you end up confused. Sometimes, you ingest so much rubbish that you begin to doubt what you knew to be true. We are in an age that makes representing Jesus look weird. If you are not careful, you will end up hiding your Jesus. We are in a time when it looks like marriages cannot last. I started developing anxiety with social media because it seemed like most of the day I was coming in contact with bad news. Something was always going wrong. Then, I knew I had to tune my taste. I had to cleanse. I had to re-evaluate who I followed and who was following me. What were they bringing into my life and what was I portraying? It has taken some time but I think I have cleaned out my Instagram (which is like the only social media account I operate). I knew I had to hold on to what I knew to be true and let go of everything contrary. Everything that is not in agreement with what my life is in Christ, I spit out and send to the bin.

I think a point I have hammered on a lot since last year is the need to be careful of what we let into our space. Sooner or later, you will begin to reflect the things you feed yourself with. This year, be very intentional about what comes into your circle. I do not have a problem with being an open book but do not be open to everybody. It is not everybody that should have your ears. Faith comes by hearing, what are you hearing? It is not everything offered by the world that you take!

Tuning your taste buds requires discipline. When you are on a diet, you require discipline not to stray from it. Consider yourself on a clean diet and anything that pollutes your atmosphere should be eliminated. Be allergic to bitterness in any format it takes on and be discerning enough to avoid temptation. Most importantly, do not COMPROMISE on the things of God. We vehemently rejected the deadly vitamin C and we are better for it today. We know vitamin C ought to taste better and we will hold on to that. Hold on to Jesus! He is everything and more!!

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