I have this very interesting tap in my bathroom. I can never seem to predict how it would decide to run. Despite having a full tank, the tap could decide to run in drops. Every other tap would always work fine but this particular tap decides which days to drop and which days to run a little more. The tales of my interesting bathroom.

One day, I switched on the said tap and I quickly realised that it was one of the days it had chosen violence by running in drops. So, I decided to carry on doing other things and leave it alone. I came back to it some minutes later and lo and behold, the bucket was indeed full and overflowing. Something in that moment struck me, small drops actually fill a bucket.

Today, I am coming for those that perpetually say, “I do not know where/how to start from.” The tap has solved your problem, start small! This problem of not knowing how or where to start plagues a lot of us, myself inclusive. I think it was in early 2021 I put up a reflective piece on the blog about being wasteful. I realised that I had wasted a lot of God given ideas because of the problem of not knowing where or how to start. I would constantly beat myself up mentally about why I always have grand ideas. Why couldn’t I have small ideas that would be easy to implement? The truth is even if the ideas were small, I would probably still have said I did not know where to start from. Moreover, if your dreams do not scare you a little, are you really dreaming big? Goals are meant to be outside your comfort zone.

The truth is the mindset of hiding behind not knowing where or how to start is a trap to keep you from ever starting. I know that first-hand. All the ideas I played with like that, I am yet to execute them till date. You will perpetually remain in hiding if you do not take a step towards achieving the goal. And guess what, it can be a small little step! But the point is you moved! As you take small steps, you build up momentum and you begin to walk fine and if the need arises, you can run easily. The point is you will finally reach the point of overflow. This also applies to our walk with God. You do not know where to start? Start small! Download the YouVersion app. Follow the verses for the day and the little devotionals attached to it. Search for plans based on whatever you are feeling or passing through. With the little steps, your appetite will grow and you will find your footing in the things of God.

Importantly, you do not need to feel intimidated by the size of your steps compared to others. Everybody is on a lane of their own. Everybody’s journey is different. All that matters is your bucket will get full and overflow if you are consistent. The tap was consistent with its small drops and I got myself a full bucket to work with. Be consistent with your steps and the result will be evident. Rather than dwell in comparison, choose consistency. That is what produces the necessary goodies!

So, today’s challenge is, would you take that small step?


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