All my life, I have heard how my baby sister (the last born) looks so much like me and even behaves like me. I haven’t always seen it but with time I have come to accept it and you will most likely find me calling her my ‘mini me’ here and there or ‘smallie’ lol. What has happened over time is that because she carries my image beautifully, I expect her to act like me in every way possible. So, when I hear that she likes things that I do not like or doesn’t like what I like, it startles me. How can my mini me not be like me?! One day, something similar happened and this time my thought process took a different dimension.

What if this is how God feels about us? God made us in His own image. Let that sink in! If your father is God, what does that make you? In essence, my name is actually Natalia Yahweh. Do you get it? Now ask yourself, do you reflect God? Do you act like somebody that has God as a father? Do you act like somebody that has the Prince of Peace as an elder brother? Do you act like someone that has the Holy Spirit as a birth certificate and best friend? What do your actions reflect?

We all have the ability to make a choice. This just reflects how beautiful God is and reflects that He indeed made us in His image. He could have created us to not have a choice and follow Him but what would be the fun in that relationship right? But now you have the ability to make a choice. Go through the Bible, look at what God did. See the miracles Jesus performed before handing you the baton and saying greater works will you do. Are the choices you are making in tandem with the set precedent? Or are you just blatantly in opposition of the identity you carry?

Of course, with my baby sister, we cannot be the exact same person. God made us all with our unique flavour. Emphasis on God made her and not me. But she does reflect me in certain things. You too have a God nature inside of you. This is why the Bible tells you not to be conformed to the culture of this world. If you focus on whose image you are created in, the God nature in you is bound to be amplified. Let the fact that you can do greater things sink in and choose to harness your God nature!

Me and My Mini Me (Interesting state)

Do not forget that today is Tuesday!

Stay blessed!


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