As you all already know, I have an interesting mother. You know a lot of my written pieces are centred around some of the things she does. So, update on the Vitamin C experience, she has started buying sweeter ones. Amen! But with regards to buying interesting things, she still has that on lockdown definitely. She has these mats that she acquired and they are placed on the kitchen floor. Now, I do not know if your mothers have that in all your kitchens but mine does and I struggleeeee with them things. It is like both of them are always working together to make me fall in the kitchen. There’s just always a gang up against me. Why are they there in the first place?!

One day, I almost tripped and as usual, the Holy Spirit saw it as a befitting time to speak to me. He explained to me that the only reason why I keep tripping is because I have refused to take my feet off the ground. It’s crazy right? I mean I do not drag my feet on the ground when I walk. So, it was interesting for me that the Holy Spirit was telling me that I had not lifted my feet off the ground. Then, I looked down and I consciously lifted my feet off the ground and took a few steps anddddd I did not trip. Everything was good. I just had to learn to lift my feet off what was threatening to cause a big girl to fall hard. If my mum could hear the Holy Spirit speak to me at that moment, I am sure she would have had the ‘you see yourself’ look going on with her face.

What am I trying to say? Follow me for a minute. What if you have been struggling with things just because you won’t get your feet or actually your hands off? What if you are so carried away with doing it your way that you frustrate yourself every time? God gives you an idea but you never consult Him on how to execute it, so you are constantly tripping and asking God why. The reason is you have refused to hands off.

I am in a season of Ease. It is the word for the Inner Circle and I have received different confirmations for it. So, I know more than anyone that I cannot afford to be stressed in my month of ease. What does that entail? It means that I do not depend on my own understanding for anything. I depend on the Holy Spirit for everything. He knows everything and I know nada. So, why should I struggle? Just why? So, if He tells me to hands off or feet off in my case, I sure will. This is me welcoming you to a season of ease and rest. Choose the easy way, choose God’s way! You will never regret it!

As for the mats in the kitchen, I still trip here and there….lol. What were you expecting me to say there? But, I know I am the one who isn’t lifting my feet off and once I get conscious of that, I am back into the easy life. Oh and I thought to mention, choosing ease does not mean that you won’t do anything. Oh No! It means you will just be doing the right things, like me actually lifting my leg off the floor and not fighting with mats…lol

As usual, it is Tuesday and you know what’s going down on Instagram – Faith Talk with The Girls!! And today, we have our very first guest. You do not want to miss it for anything in the world lovelies. See you there!


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