So, let me confess to you all. I have been a tad bit forgetful these days. I have had it really bad on some days. I literally forgot to write this blogpost till this very morning (lol shaking my head for myself). And yes, before you ask, I try to have to-do lists but sometimes, I forget that I even wrote one too. But worry not, I am good. I usually have moments like that. It happens especially if I am overwhelmed with a lot of things, like when my brain is on high drive and my brain has been on high drive a lot recently. So many things a baby girl got to think about you know (wink wink).

Recently, I was lost in my world of permutations and combinations. Suddenly, I started having flashbacks from my Christmas of 2020 and the different doors God opened for me. My God literally sponsored my Christmas beyond my expectations. He blew my mind and many other times He had been there for me. And the next question that came was ‘did you forget?’ At first I was lost. What does that mean? Then, it dawned on me that the Holy Spirit was asking me if I forgot the type of Father I had. Have I become so overwhelmed that I forgot what my Father could do? Had I boxed Him into a corner? If He did it before, He can always do it again. The miracles He has performed in the past for me are supposed to strengthen my faith. I should know first-hand that God always comes through for me every time. And yet, I was here trying to let myself get worried by things I couldn’t exactly control. That moment helped me shake off feeling overwhelmed. I remembered the type of Father I have! My ever present HELP!

Today, I am here to ask you the same question. Dear friend, did you forget? That time you needed help and He came through for you. That time that you were craving small chops and He gave you big chops. That time that you did not know how you would eat your next meal, but it came anyway. That time you thought all odds were against you but He turned everything for your good. That time you believed God for a miracle and it happened. That time when everyone had negative reports but He gave you the best report. That time you prayed for healing and the Balm of Gilead wrapped you. That time that you needed strength and His power enveloped you. That time you felt lost and He found you. That time when you gave up but He gave you hope. DID YOU FORGET?

In this world, it is very easy to get overwhelmed with everything going on. The news alone is enough to keep you anxious on a daily basis. We begin to fret and think up a hundred different scenarios and none of them are good. Often times, when we begin to behave like this, we have lost sight of who we depend on. God is still the same God. He never changes. He never lies. If He has said it, He would do it. If we would only pause in our moment of helplessness and think, we would recall every time He turned things around for us. Have you ever had that moment and just started smiling? Like a moment ago you were about to cry but because you remembered the solid rock you have, you start smiling. I need you to live your daily lives remembering who God is to you.

Did you forget that He loved you so much that He gave His life for you? Well, if you did, then let this week remind you. Let this week remind you that you are living under a new dispensation of Amazing Grace. Let this week remind you that nothing can ever separate you from God’s love. Christ died for you when you were a sinner. There was no guarantee then that you would believe in Him but He died down for you. He paid the ultimate price that you and I could never have paid. That is the type of love we have access to. Don’t you ever forget how loved you are. Don’t you ever forget how cherished you are. Don’t you ever forget who you are in Christ. Instead, let go of everything contrary to that. Anything that will cause you to forget how much your Father loves you is not worth it!

Don’t you ever forget that you are the chosen of the Lord!

As usual, it is TUESDAY! So many goodies. First, if you are not following @the_ljm_brand on Instagram, I am shaking my head for you. Then worse is if you are not an email subscriber! Just why! Let me inform you as a good girl that I am, love letters are going out today. You do not want to miss it. Hurry to the Instagram Page and subscribe. Do not say I have not done anything for you today.

Then as always, we have Faith Talk with The Girls! It is always an amazing time. Join us on Instagram today and confirm it for yourself!


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