Hello Everyone and I hope it is not too late to say, Happy Easter!!

I hope everyone found a way to enjoy the Easter celebration. I got to spend mine with family to the glory of God.

Speaking of family, you all are familiar with my mum. She is such a lover of beautiful things. I mean who does not love beautiful things right? She is currently changing chairs in the house and asked me what material the next set of chairs should be. Being the good child that I am, I said leather and this my mother looked at me and said, “you all are not old enough for leather”. Now let me give you some context. The oldest child is 25 years old and the youngest is 16 and she just said we are all not old enough to handle leather. I had my mouth open because I was shocked and she confidently repeated herself o! Lol! She has no chill pill.

As much as that was a shocking moment, let me tell you what I am driving at. What if some of the things we pray for, we are actually not ‘old enough’ to handle? Now in this context, ‘old enough’ could be ‘not prepared enough’. Most times, we desire things but do not put in the work for it. And other times, we actually put in the work and get frustrated when we do not get the result we desired. What if the all knowing God already knows that you are not ‘old enough’ yet to handle the blessing? If He gives it to you now, you may mishandle it. Just like my mother knows the type of amazing children she has been blessed with. I do not know if her accusations are true though but she definitely knows us well enough to make that judgement. Age is not really a sign of being!

Imagine if Joseph’s dream came to pass immediately he had it, would he have been mature enough to handle it then? Because you see at that age, he was stuck on the fact that his brothers would bow to him as opposed to where God was taking him. His brothers bowing to him was inevitable because of where he was going. When he attained the position, if he had not matured in God, he could have sent his men to go and bundle his brothers and have them bow to him as he had dreamt, but he did not.

What if in the Garden of Eden, God telling them not to eat of that tree was because they were not ‘old enough’ just yet? We never know if God had plans to carefully ease them into it and now we will never know because they did it their way. If they had been matured enough, would they have hid from God like they did?

Clearly, Jesus was very astute at the age of 12(maybe from the moment He was even born) but He did not start His ministry till He was 30. There is something about proper timing and doing things right with God. We are the ones in a hurry. God isn’t. He knows what’s best for us and does just that.

I hope with this revelation, you will learn to rest in the Lord. If He has said it, He will do it. You panicking and threatening Him will not make Him do it sooner. Maybe you are just not old enough yet. Trust me, when He finally grants that prayer request, you will realise you got it at the right time. God’s time is always the best!

As always, it is Tuesday so there will be Faith Talk with The Girls by 7pm. You do not want to miss it!


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