I was listening to a preaching by Priscilla Shirer one day and I was blessed by one of her illustrations. She gave the imagery of when Simba was trying to roar and the hyenas were laughing at how weak his roar was. Then, Mufasa came up behind him and gave a powerful roar that vibrated through everywhere. That is how God is with us. He is the Mufasa to our Simba.

You probably do not know how that works like my baby sister does. You see KOZA is a character and if you know her well enough, you will know that you do not mess with her. She is very conscious of who has her back. If you mess with KOZA, she is definitely going to pull up with her daddy. I kid you not. When she says she will tell her dad, she is not joking. She even has a face to match. Once she is talking to dad and she has that face, just know that whoever offended her is done for. And she will stick with dad till he deals with the situation. She is very conscious of the fact that her father has got her. She has never reported to her father and he did not take up the case. She even reports his offences to him as well – the absolute irony! lol!

You see the beauty about this is KOZA will not struggle with the idea that God has got her back because she has such a wonderful earthly representation. She goes into any room confident about who she is and who has got her back. We went somewhere recently and the lady at the counter spoke to her rudely, KOZA said she is not buying again and she meant it. I was laughing and said, ‘they were not informed that no one offends KOZA.’ Dad was not exactly close by, if not, I am sure the case would have escalated. The point is she is a very confident 15 year old. You look for KOZA’s trouble to your detriment o (both her earthly father and heavenly father will come for

This is the confidence I wish all of us will have on every time. The truth is that there is a Simba in every one of us. By our human nature, we are weak. All the evil happening in world is expected to get to us. By our strength we can do nothing. BUT with God all things are possible. God is the core factor in our lives. Depending on Him is the turning point of our lives. Because we have Him, the world no longer hears our weak roars, they hear the thunderous roar of our heavenly Father through us. We are never alone. Everywhere we go, we show up with God (the Holy Spirit). I wish we would hold on to this truth.

Is there anything that is bothering you right now? Anything threatening your self worth? Anything coming for your mind? Anything at all lying to you that you are alone or weak? It is a LIE!! You have God and He alone is your joy and strength. Depend on Him today. Trust in Him today. Let Him work on you, in you and through you. Let Him be the Mufasa to your Simba and watch your life turn around for good.

One of KOZA’s favourite songs is Mu na chi mu so by Chee. It literally means ‘me and my God follows’. Like you and God is a package deal. They cannot see you and not see God. There’s no way. It is not a coincidence that she is conscious of this. She knows it like she knows her name who has her back every time. Oge taught me recently that in the armour we are to put on, there’s nothing for the back(Ephesians 6). Only God has got your back!

If you want to hear more wisdom from Oge, then join us on Faith Talk with The Girls today! Interestingly, we will dabbling into relationship and marriage.


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