Hello Lovelies, (it has been a while since I said that right? lol)

As usual, I want to know how you all are doing. We took a break last week. It was an unplanned break if I do say so myself. With the public holiday, I just completely forgot what day of the week it was and that is why a post did not go out…lol!

At the point of typing this post, I was not really sure of what I wanted to talk about today. I honestly just depended on the Holy Spirit to give me the words. And in the moment, what dropped in my heart is to address one of the killers of faith, OVERTHINKING!

If there is something common to all the great men of faith in the Bible, they did not overthink the things God asked them to do. Most of the time, it did not make sense at the time. God called Abram out of his hometown to a place where God would show him. Abram left his hometown with his whole family not knowing where he was going. I doubt a lot of us would do that today. You see the mistake we make is that we think we will get the whole picture before we move. If that is the case, what is the point of faith? Your ability to move in the midst of the uncertainty is your display of faith.

One thing I learnt from Pastor Philip Olubakin that I will never forget is that we do not look before we leap, we listen. As long as you hear God say it, you move. And if you are like me, you will probably still be doubting if you truly heard or not. I have been there so many times and I just marvel at God’s patience with me. I have learnt to just move first. We will be debating on the way but let me move in obedience first. I am honestly still in the process of learning to obey God swiftly.

Again, we see God tell Abraham to sacrifice the son he loves. God did not ask Abraham to sacrifice Ishmael o. I mean that might have been much easier but God came for Isaac, the one Abraham waited for and loved. The Bible said that the next morning, Abraham set out with his son to offer the sacrifice. If Abraham had delayed, he would have started overthinking it. Maybe he would have consulted Sarah and my fellow women, we know that once Sarah is involved the chances of that sacrifice going through has greatly reduced. She would have convinced him that he did not hear God well…lol

It was the type of obedience Abraham exemplified that made him the father of nations. I assure you that if he began to deep think everything God had asked him to do, he would not have moved.

Do we want to talk about Noah that came earlier? God gave him the dimensions to build an ark because God was about to send a flood. Logically, it must have sounded silly to a human being. There had never been flood and all the weather forecasters of that time definitely did not see it coming. Yet, Noah did as God commanded. Imagine hearing people make fun of you everyday. Like Noah are you alright? Noah why do you like suffering? Noah what in the world has possessed you? And all the while, he keeps saying a flood is coming and they should stop their evil. You can imagine the sight. Yet, that was what exactly happened. If Noah had spent so much time deep thinking it, he may have been swept away with the flood.

When the Lord speaks, your response is obedience. You listen and you move. That is how it works around here. God does not even want you to worry about anything. He makes this clear in Matthew 6. All you need to do is chase after Him and everything else is sorted!

Trust Him!

Stop overthinking the things that are a breeze for Him. There is nothing too hard for Him to do!

It is a Tuesday so you know there will be Faith Talk with The Girls!!! See you on Instagram later today!


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