Are you greatly interested in the talent of the youth today? Are you also seeking a medium to be a part of a family that showcases undiluted talent? Well Inspired Pens is the website to be on all the time.

It is our greatest aim to create an interactive platform for everyone to comfortably exercise their gifts. The site would feature works relating to fashion and beauty; artworks; poem and story writing; dance videos and many more.






My name is Ebubechukwu Natalia Ajufo (Queen Natalia). Born 18th February. I am done with University. Yay!!!! What can I say? I am just a normal girl with a dream to do big things. I do not believe myself to be utterly beautiful but I do see my beauty through creativity. I enjoy writing, hair making and generally anything that involves actively using my hands. I would consider myself as intelligent enough, playful and kind. I am a giver to a fault like for real. I need to be stopped..lol! Do follow me on twitter: @Mz_C4, snapchat: Natalia Juf/ebubs18 and IG: ebube_juf. 

It is evident that the team is made up of  beauty and brains. Yay!!! In the same spirit, do follow Inspired Pens on twitter as @inspiredpens and on IG: inspiredpens16. Let’s build a family people.

Inspired Pens.