Hello Lovelies, (it has been a while since I said that right? lol)

As usual, I want to know how you all are doing. We took a break last week. It was an unplanned break if I do say so myself. With the public holiday, I just completely forgot what day of the week it was and that is why a post did not go out…lol!

At the point of typing this post, I was not really sure of what I wanted to talk about today. I honestly just depended on the Holy Spirit to give me the words. And in the moment, what dropped in my heart is to address one of the killers of faith, OVERTHINKING!

If there is something common to all the great men of faith in the Bible, they did not overthink the things God asked them to do. Most of the time, it did not make sense at the time. God called Abram out of his hometown to a place where God would show him. Abram left his hometown with his whole family not knowing where he was going. I doubt a lot of us would do that today. You see the mistake we make is that we think we will get the whole picture before we move. If that is the case, what is the point of faith? Your ability to move in the midst of the uncertainty is your display of faith.

One thing I learnt from Pastor Philip Olubakin that I will never forget is that we do not look before we leap, we listen. As long as you hear God say it, you move. And if you are like me, you will probably still be doubting if you truly heard or not. I have been there so many times and I just marvel at God’s patience with me. I have learnt to just move first. We will be debating on the way but let me move in obedience first. I am honestly still in the process of learning to obey God swiftly.

Again, we see God tell Abraham to sacrifice the son he loves. God did not ask Abraham to sacrifice Ishmael o. I mean that might have been much easier but God came for Isaac, the one Abraham waited for and loved. The Bible said that the next morning, Abraham set out with his son to offer the sacrifice. If Abraham had delayed, he would have started overthinking it. Maybe he would have consulted Sarah and my fellow women, we know that once Sarah is involved the chances of that sacrifice going through has greatly reduced. She would have convinced him that he did not hear God well…lol

It was the type of obedience Abraham exemplified that made him the father of nations. I assure you that if he began to deep think everything God had asked him to do, he would not have moved.

Do we want to talk about Noah that came earlier? God gave him the dimensions to build an ark because God was about to send a flood. Logically, it must have sounded silly to a human being. There had never been flood and all the weather forecasters of that time definitely did not see it coming. Yet, Noah did as God commanded. Imagine hearing people make fun of you everyday. Like Noah are you alright? Noah why do you like suffering? Noah what in the world has possessed you? And all the while, he keeps saying a flood is coming and they should stop their evil. You can imagine the sight. Yet, that was what exactly happened. If Noah had spent so much time deep thinking it, he may have been swept away with the flood.

When the Lord speaks, your response is obedience. You listen and you move. That is how it works around here. God does not even want you to worry about anything. He makes this clear in Matthew 6. All you need to do is chase after Him and everything else is sorted!

Trust Him!

Stop overthinking the things that are a breeze for Him. There is nothing too hard for Him to do!

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I was listening to a preaching by Priscilla Shirer one day and I was blessed by one of her illustrations. She gave the imagery of when Simba was trying to roar and the hyenas were laughing at how weak his roar was. Then, Mufasa came up behind him and gave a powerful roar that vibrated through everywhere. That is how God is with us. He is the Mufasa to our Simba.

You probably do not know how that works like my baby sister does. You see KOZA is a character and if you know her well enough, you will know that you do not mess with her. She is very conscious of who has her back. If you mess with KOZA, she is definitely going to pull up with her daddy. I kid you not. When she says she will tell her dad, she is not joking. She even has a face to match. Once she is talking to dad and she has that face, just know that whoever offended her is done for. And she will stick with dad till he deals with the situation. She is very conscious of the fact that her father has got her. She has never reported to her father and he did not take up the case. She even reports his offences to him as well – the absolute irony! lol!

You see the beauty about this is KOZA will not struggle with the idea that God has got her back because she has such a wonderful earthly representation. She goes into any room confident about who she is and who has got her back. We went somewhere recently and the lady at the counter spoke to her rudely, KOZA said she is not buying again and she meant it. I was laughing and said, ‘they were not informed that no one offends KOZA.’ Dad was not exactly close by, if not, I am sure the case would have escalated. The point is she is a very confident 15 year old. You look for KOZA’s trouble to your detriment o (both her earthly father and heavenly father will come for

This is the confidence I wish all of us will have on every time. The truth is that there is a Simba in every one of us. By our human nature, we are weak. All the evil happening in world is expected to get to us. By our strength we can do nothing. BUT with God all things are possible. God is the core factor in our lives. Depending on Him is the turning point of our lives. Because we have Him, the world no longer hears our weak roars, they hear the thunderous roar of our heavenly Father through us. We are never alone. Everywhere we go, we show up with God (the Holy Spirit). I wish we would hold on to this truth.

Is there anything that is bothering you right now? Anything threatening your self worth? Anything coming for your mind? Anything at all lying to you that you are alone or weak? It is a LIE!! You have God and He alone is your joy and strength. Depend on Him today. Trust in Him today. Let Him work on you, in you and through you. Let Him be the Mufasa to your Simba and watch your life turn around for good.

One of KOZA’s favourite songs is Mu na chi mu so by Chee. It literally means ‘me and my God follows’. Like you and God is a package deal. They cannot see you and not see God. There’s no way. It is not a coincidence that she is conscious of this. She knows it like she knows her name who has her back every time. Oge taught me recently that in the armour we are to put on, there’s nothing for the back(Ephesians 6). Only God has got your back!

If you want to hear more wisdom from Oge, then join us on Faith Talk with The Girls today! Interestingly, we will dabbling into relationship and marriage.


Hello Everyone and I hope it is not too late to say, Happy Easter!!

I hope everyone found a way to enjoy the Easter celebration. I got to spend mine with family to the glory of God.

Speaking of family, you all are familiar with my mum. She is such a lover of beautiful things. I mean who does not love beautiful things right? She is currently changing chairs in the house and asked me what material the next set of chairs should be. Being the good child that I am, I said leather and this my mother looked at me and said, “you all are not old enough for leather”. Now let me give you some context. The oldest child is 25 years old and the youngest is 16 and she just said we are all not old enough to handle leather. I had my mouth open because I was shocked and she confidently repeated herself o! Lol! She has no chill pill.

As much as that was a shocking moment, let me tell you what I am driving at. What if some of the things we pray for, we are actually not ‘old enough’ to handle? Now in this context, ‘old enough’ could be ‘not prepared enough’. Most times, we desire things but do not put in the work for it. And other times, we actually put in the work and get frustrated when we do not get the result we desired. What if the all knowing God already knows that you are not ‘old enough’ yet to handle the blessing? If He gives it to you now, you may mishandle it. Just like my mother knows the type of amazing children she has been blessed with. I do not know if her accusations are true though but she definitely knows us well enough to make that judgement. Age is not really a sign of being!

Imagine if Joseph’s dream came to pass immediately he had it, would he have been mature enough to handle it then? Because you see at that age, he was stuck on the fact that his brothers would bow to him as opposed to where God was taking him. His brothers bowing to him was inevitable because of where he was going. When he attained the position, if he had not matured in God, he could have sent his men to go and bundle his brothers and have them bow to him as he had dreamt, but he did not.

What if in the Garden of Eden, God telling them not to eat of that tree was because they were not ‘old enough’ just yet? We never know if God had plans to carefully ease them into it and now we will never know because they did it their way. If they had been matured enough, would they have hid from God like they did?

Clearly, Jesus was very astute at the age of 12(maybe from the moment He was even born) but He did not start His ministry till He was 30. There is something about proper timing and doing things right with God. We are the ones in a hurry. God isn’t. He knows what’s best for us and does just that.

I hope with this revelation, you will learn to rest in the Lord. If He has said it, He will do it. You panicking and threatening Him will not make Him do it sooner. Maybe you are just not old enough yet. Trust me, when He finally grants that prayer request, you will realise you got it at the right time. God’s time is always the best!

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So, let me confess to you all. I have been a tad bit forgetful these days. I have had it really bad on some days. I literally forgot to write this blogpost till this very morning (lol shaking my head for myself). And yes, before you ask, I try to have to-do lists but sometimes, I forget that I even wrote one too. But worry not, I am good. I usually have moments like that. It happens especially if I am overwhelmed with a lot of things, like when my brain is on high drive and my brain has been on high drive a lot recently. So many things a baby girl got to think about you know (wink wink).

Recently, I was lost in my world of permutations and combinations. Suddenly, I started having flashbacks from my Christmas of 2020 and the different doors God opened for me. My God literally sponsored my Christmas beyond my expectations. He blew my mind and many other times He had been there for me. And the next question that came was ‘did you forget?’ At first I was lost. What does that mean? Then, it dawned on me that the Holy Spirit was asking me if I forgot the type of Father I had. Have I become so overwhelmed that I forgot what my Father could do? Had I boxed Him into a corner? If He did it before, He can always do it again. The miracles He has performed in the past for me are supposed to strengthen my faith. I should know first-hand that God always comes through for me every time. And yet, I was here trying to let myself get worried by things I couldn’t exactly control. That moment helped me shake off feeling overwhelmed. I remembered the type of Father I have! My ever present HELP!

Today, I am here to ask you the same question. Dear friend, did you forget? That time you needed help and He came through for you. That time that you were craving small chops and He gave you big chops. That time that you did not know how you would eat your next meal, but it came anyway. That time you thought all odds were against you but He turned everything for your good. That time you believed God for a miracle and it happened. That time when everyone had negative reports but He gave you the best report. That time you prayed for healing and the Balm of Gilead wrapped you. That time that you needed strength and His power enveloped you. That time you felt lost and He found you. That time when you gave up but He gave you hope. DID YOU FORGET?

In this world, it is very easy to get overwhelmed with everything going on. The news alone is enough to keep you anxious on a daily basis. We begin to fret and think up a hundred different scenarios and none of them are good. Often times, when we begin to behave like this, we have lost sight of who we depend on. God is still the same God. He never changes. He never lies. If He has said it, He would do it. If we would only pause in our moment of helplessness and think, we would recall every time He turned things around for us. Have you ever had that moment and just started smiling? Like a moment ago you were about to cry but because you remembered the solid rock you have, you start smiling. I need you to live your daily lives remembering who God is to you.

Did you forget that He loved you so much that He gave His life for you? Well, if you did, then let this week remind you. Let this week remind you that you are living under a new dispensation of Amazing Grace. Let this week remind you that nothing can ever separate you from God’s love. Christ died for you when you were a sinner. There was no guarantee then that you would believe in Him but He died down for you. He paid the ultimate price that you and I could never have paid. That is the type of love we have access to. Don’t you ever forget how loved you are. Don’t you ever forget how cherished you are. Don’t you ever forget who you are in Christ. Instead, let go of everything contrary to that. Anything that will cause you to forget how much your Father loves you is not worth it!

Don’t you ever forget that you are the chosen of the Lord!

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As you all already know, I have an interesting mother. You know a lot of my written pieces are centred around some of the things she does. So, update on the Vitamin C experience, she has started buying sweeter ones. Amen! But with regards to buying interesting things, she still has that on lockdown definitely. She has these mats that she acquired and they are placed on the kitchen floor. Now, I do not know if your mothers have that in all your kitchens but mine does and I struggleeeee with them things. It is like both of them are always working together to make me fall in the kitchen. There’s just always a gang up against me. Why are they there in the first place?!

One day, I almost tripped and as usual, the Holy Spirit saw it as a befitting time to speak to me. He explained to me that the only reason why I keep tripping is because I have refused to take my feet off the ground. It’s crazy right? I mean I do not drag my feet on the ground when I walk. So, it was interesting for me that the Holy Spirit was telling me that I had not lifted my feet off the ground. Then, I looked down and I consciously lifted my feet off the ground and took a few steps anddddd I did not trip. Everything was good. I just had to learn to lift my feet off what was threatening to cause a big girl to fall hard. If my mum could hear the Holy Spirit speak to me at that moment, I am sure she would have had the ‘you see yourself’ look going on with her face.

What am I trying to say? Follow me for a minute. What if you have been struggling with things just because you won’t get your feet or actually your hands off? What if you are so carried away with doing it your way that you frustrate yourself every time? God gives you an idea but you never consult Him on how to execute it, so you are constantly tripping and asking God why. The reason is you have refused to hands off.

I am in a season of Ease. It is the word for the Inner Circle and I have received different confirmations for it. So, I know more than anyone that I cannot afford to be stressed in my month of ease. What does that entail? It means that I do not depend on my own understanding for anything. I depend on the Holy Spirit for everything. He knows everything and I know nada. So, why should I struggle? Just why? So, if He tells me to hands off or feet off in my case, I sure will. This is me welcoming you to a season of ease and rest. Choose the easy way, choose God’s way! You will never regret it!

As for the mats in the kitchen, I still trip here and there….lol. What were you expecting me to say there? But, I know I am the one who isn’t lifting my feet off and once I get conscious of that, I am back into the easy life. Oh and I thought to mention, choosing ease does not mean that you won’t do anything. Oh No! It means you will just be doing the right things, like me actually lifting my leg off the floor and not fighting with mats…lol

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