I was listening to a preaching by Priscilla Shirer one day and I was blessed by one of her illustrations. She gave the imagery of when Simba was trying to roar and the hyenas were laughing at how weak his roar was. Then, Mufasa came up behind him and gave a powerful roar that vibrated through everywhere. That is how God is with us. He is the Mufasa to our Simba.

You probably do not know how that works like my baby sister does. You see KOZA is a character and if you know her well enough, you will know that you do not mess with her. She is very conscious of who has her back. If you mess with KOZA, she is definitely going to pull up with her daddy. I kid you not. When she says she will tell her dad, she is not joking. She even has a face to match. Once she is talking to dad and she has that face, just know that whoever offended her is done for. And she will stick with dad till he deals with the situation. She is very conscious of the fact that her father has got her. She has never reported to her father and he did not take up the case. She even reports his offences to him as well – the absolute irony! lol!

You see the beauty about this is KOZA will not struggle with the idea that God has got her back because she has such a wonderful earthly representation. She goes into any room confident about who she is and who has got her back. We went somewhere recently and the lady at the counter spoke to her rudely, KOZA said she is not buying again and she meant it. I was laughing and said, ‘they were not informed that no one offends KOZA.’ Dad was not exactly close by, if not, I am sure the case would have escalated. The point is she is a very confident 15 year old. You look for KOZA’s trouble to your detriment o (both her earthly father and heavenly father will come for

This is the confidence I wish all of us will have on every time. The truth is that there is a Simba in every one of us. By our human nature, we are weak. All the evil happening in world is expected to get to us. By our strength we can do nothing. BUT with God all things are possible. God is the core factor in our lives. Depending on Him is the turning point of our lives. Because we have Him, the world no longer hears our weak roars, they hear the thunderous roar of our heavenly Father through us. We are never alone. Everywhere we go, we show up with God (the Holy Spirit). I wish we would hold on to this truth.

Is there anything that is bothering you right now? Anything threatening your self worth? Anything coming for your mind? Anything at all lying to you that you are alone or weak? It is a LIE!! You have God and He alone is your joy and strength. Depend on Him today. Trust in Him today. Let Him work on you, in you and through you. Let Him be the Mufasa to your Simba and watch your life turn around for good.

One of KOZA’s favourite songs is Mu na chi mu so by Chee. It literally means ‘me and my God follows’. Like you and God is a package deal. They cannot see you and not see God. There’s no way. It is not a coincidence that she is conscious of this. She knows it like she knows her name who has her back every time. Oge taught me recently that in the armour we are to put on, there’s nothing for the back(Ephesians 6). Only God has got your back!

If you want to hear more wisdom from Oge, then join us on Faith Talk with The Girls today! Interestingly, we will dabbling into relationship and marriage.


All my life, I have heard how my baby sister (the last born) looks so much like me and even behaves like me. I haven’t always seen it but with time I have come to accept it and you will most likely find me calling her my ‘mini me’ here and there or ‘smallie’ lol. What has happened over time is that because she carries my image beautifully, I expect her to act like me in every way possible. So, when I hear that she likes things that I do not like or doesn’t like what I like, it startles me. How can my mini me not be like me?! One day, something similar happened and this time my thought process took a different dimension.

What if this is how God feels about us? God made us in His own image. Let that sink in! If your father is God, what does that make you? In essence, my name is actually Natalia Yahweh. Do you get it? Now ask yourself, do you reflect God? Do you act like somebody that has God as a father? Do you act like somebody that has the Prince of Peace as an elder brother? Do you act like someone that has the Holy Spirit as a birth certificate and best friend? What do your actions reflect?

We all have the ability to make a choice. This just reflects how beautiful God is and reflects that He indeed made us in His image. He could have created us to not have a choice and follow Him but what would be the fun in that relationship right? But now you have the ability to make a choice. Go through the Bible, look at what God did. See the miracles Jesus performed before handing you the baton and saying greater works will you do. Are the choices you are making in tandem with the set precedent? Or are you just blatantly in opposition of the identity you carry?

Of course, with my baby sister, we cannot be the exact same person. God made us all with our unique flavour. Emphasis on God made her and not me. But she does reflect me in certain things. You too have a God nature inside of you. This is why the Bible tells you not to be conformed to the culture of this world. If you focus on whose image you are created in, the God nature in you is bound to be amplified. Let the fact that you can do greater things sink in and choose to harness your God nature!

Me and My Mini Me (Interesting state)

Do not forget that today is Tuesday!

Stay blessed!


I do not know about you but I have the most imaginative mind ever. My head is full of characters I have created and kept alive for one reason or the other over the years. Blame it on the writer in me. The annoying thing about creating characters that live rent free in your head is that they do not usually seek your permission before they start having a group discussion. Most times, they are in their boxes but every now and then, they all come out and think it is a wonderful time to party. Most times, it is never the best time for me, their host. It is usually the times when I am actually trying to concentrate on something. One day, I was seated in Church, trying to focus on being present in Church and as usual, these jobless head creations of mine decided to have a party. I was trying my best to pay attention to what was happening in Church but it seemed like a losing battle. Then, I turned around and realised that some of the people sitting close to me were not in a better condition. Some looked spaced out. Some were constantly on their phone. I mean I use my phones for notes but it is not notes I was seeing o – let me just leave it there lol. Some looked like they were sleeping off. I started wondering if there were actually people that were paying full attention to the sermon. At that point, the Holy Spirit asked me ‘why do people go to church?’ Interesting question. This happened some time back

Last Sunday, the sermon interestingly drifted to this and I was reminded of that question. It would amaze you to know that a lot of people have different reasons for being in church. Some come fishing for husbands and wives. Some come to show off their latest clothes. Some come to merely tick attendance. Some do not really have a choice (ever tried saying no to your mother about going to church? lol ). In essence, there are diverse reasons for why seats get filled up in Church ever Sunday to the overflow but not all of them are right reason.

Psalm 55:14 GNBDK: “We had intimate talks with each other and worshipped together in the Temple.”

Hebrews 10:24-25 NLT: “Let us think of ways to motivate one another to acts of love and good works. And let us not neglect our meeting together, as some people do, but encourage one another, especially now that the day of His return is drawing near.”

Matthew 18:20 TPT: “For wherever two or three come together in honour of my name, I am right there with them!”

Proverbs 27:17 KJV: “Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend.”
One thing is certain, there is a divine encounter associated with fellowshipping together. The Church is not really the building, the Church is all of us. We make up the body of Christ. When we go to church, we bring those different parts together and ought to learn from one another.

Ephesians 4:11 AMPC: “And His gifts were [varied; He Himself appointed and gave men to us] some to be apostles (special messengers), some prophets (inspired preachers and expounders), some evangelists (preachers of the Gospel, travelling missionaries), some pastors (shepherds of His flock) and teachers. His intention was the perfecting and the full equipping of the saints (His consecrated people), [that they should do] the work of ministering toward building up Christ’s body (the Church).

So, we see that we go to church for an encounter that perfects and full equips us to be the Ministers we are meant to be. You need a constant refill. What am I trying to say? Do not trivialise the gathering of the Saints. When you are in Church, be present! Go to Church to encounter God as He perfects and equips you for the work of continually building up the Church. Nothing else matters but having that divine encounter and you are assured that God is right there (Matthew 18:20).

I am fully aware that I am whooping myself and the characters in my head. But when you know your why, it is easier to quieten the distractions. I know why I go to church. Now the characters in my head will have to take a back seat because I am determined to always have the perfecting and equipping encounter with God when I am in Church. I know why I go to Church now. The question becomes why do you go to church?

Ouuuu I have something sweet to share with you below:

We are so excited for what God is about to do. Join us today by 7pm Nigerian time on Instagram as we kick this off today (dancing)

Stay blessed!


Anyway, just so we are clear and on the same page, this year is not that year o! This year we move with urgency. This year we cling to the word. This year, we make the best decisions because He is guiding us. An overwhelming description of God is that He is merciful. Ahh if I was God, I would have thrown myself one hot slap since. But thankfully, I am not God. God is so good, and His mercy endures forever. He is the only one that remains faithful in my unfaithfulness. He is the only one so kind to give multiple chances. This is the confidence I have that He is not done with me because it is written in the word that He would never forsake me.

So, I start this new year with a new commitment, with the hope of a restoration of lost ideas. Another opportunity to do the right things by God. As you would imagine, it is only something the Holy Spirit would help you do. On your own, you will fail, and I have example for you o.

Now it is me that just explained to you that I did not have sense before before, and this is not that year. Just this Sunday(first sunday in 2021), the Holy Spirit told me to carry an extra plastic bag in my handbag. This is something I usually do on a regular but for some reason I had removed the plastic bag in this particular small bag. He reminded me to put one in. Ah guess what your girl did again. I said I am not really carrying anything like that now so what would I need an extra plastic bag for? That is how your girl went to church without plastic bag o. After church, it turned out a friend had brought me a Christmas gift, did I have a bag to put it in? NO! In addition, another sister of mine wanted to give me snacks and drinks, again did I have bag to put it in? NO! Because I lacked a bag to put it in, I limited how much I could receive. Let that sink in! Imagine God wants to embarrass you with gifts, and you go with a tiny bag. I just started laughing at myself because it is like I really do not want to hear word. Butttt I must hear word o! I must learn. Ahh the goal is to completely submit my will to God. All these talking back will be greatly curtailed this year in Jesus Name. The lesson must be learnt. I will not let myself get to the point where I lose everything before I learn to keep shut.

And the verse for me that really drives it home is Psalms 32:8-9 and I love it particularly in The Passion Translation (TPT) version –

I hear the Lord saying, “I will stay close to you, instructing and guiding you along the pathway for your life. I will advise you along the way and lead you forth with my eyes as your guide. So, don’t make it difficult; don’t be stubborn when I take you where you’ve not been before. Don’t make me tug you and pull you along. Just come with me!”

I want to believe that a word is enough for the wise. I have heard people say that experience is the best teacher. I personally believe that the experiences of other people can teach me. I do not have to put my hand in fire to see and understand that it is capable of burning. Please do not waste the ideas the Lord gives you. Execute them. Do you know the best way to start? By just starting. Start small. Start slow. They are all better than not starting at all. And if you are like me that has wasted a few opportunities, do not be too sad. We serve a God of multiple chances. As long as you are willing to accept your wrong and turn back to Him again for guidance, He is willing to lead you.

But repeat after me, ‘I WILL HEAR WORD THIS YEAR O!’ Lol! This will be our motto. We must make the best decisions this year and beyond.

A special person to my heart said I should tell you people that this year will and must not be a wasted year!


Queen N

This Kind of Love (Valentine Edition)

I initially didn’t want to write anything for this valentine’s day because I am not just liking the fact that people are going on and an on about being single, being lonely, things like ‘Nobody has delivered anything to me o’ blah blah blah. I don’t know if it’s pure cruise but I feel all those things are heightened this year. Oh well. I legit roll my eyes to the back of my head every time (okay, not every time) I see those posts.

Before we continue, how many of us are rocking our red and white today? Let me know in the comments section.

I know it vexes some people to hear things like ‘it shouldn’t just be about you and your partner, it should be about Jesus’ and I get your frustration like ‘can I just enjoy my valentine with my significant other without disputing the fact that I love Jesus?’ Holier than thou yeah? I see.

Nonetheless, I am here to talk about that. I am not here to tell you what to do on Valentine’s day or what not to do. I am also not here to felicitate with the singles lmao. I am here to talk about LOVE. Love in its realest and purest form and I can’t say today is the best day for that because people are so occupied with not hearing this particular story today. This kind of love is an everyday kind of love sha. I am a proud Jesus girl. I love Jesus. I won’t talk about my love for Him right now because there is room to love Him so much more. But as you dey see Jesus so, He loves us so much, He can’t love us anymore than He does right now because He loves us to the very maximum.

I want to try and paint the most vivid picture ever. I am certain some of you have heard this story before but indulge me.

God created the earth and everything within it and it was good, perfect. It got corrupted. This broke His heart. His heart was grieving. He was sorry He even did anything (Gen 6: 5-7). So, He sent a flood, which is actually a story about judgement and restoration (story for another day). Imagine, your personal computer had a virus and you format the system. Man is born with sin and in the olden days, one needed to offer a sacrifice to enter God’s presence. But, you see, God wants to be with us always, He wants us to come into His presence. He wants to have personal and intimate relationship with us. So, His only Son paid the ultimate sacrifice (death, death on a cross). His sacrifice is complete because He resurrected defeating the grave, death and hell. He became sin, carried it all, so we can have abundant life.

Jesus, fully God and fully man, came down, dwelt with us and went to the cross for us. He looks at us and says we are worth it. If you were the only person on earth, He would have still done it for you. That’s to what extent He loves you. His heart beats for you.  His love leaves the 99 for the 1.

What kind of love is this? What kind of love dies a shameful death for someone else? What kind of love looks at you while dripping in blood and says you’re worth it? What kind of love takes all the blame for someone else? What kind of love is this? He died for a ‘maybe you’ll accept Him’. Maybe. What kind of love is this that He holds each and every single one of us in His arms? What kind of love is this? So reckless. So unmatched. So selfless. What kind of love is this, He knows everything about you and He doesn’t care about whatever you may have done, He just wants you to come home. Even if you love pass everybody, you no love reach like this. This kind of love makes you sob like a big baby! And now you can banter with Him, with first class tickets to Him sef. Oh my God.

Happy Valentine’s day!! Jesus loves you more than you could ever think. His heart beats for you. This kind of love makes you shout on rooftops proclaiming your love for Him right back. This kind of love is what is built in us to be able to love ourselves and then love others (the greatest commandment, Matthew 22:36-40). Don’t doubt God’s love for you. If man who is evil loves what he creates, how much more a good God that created us all.  

Enjoy your day!